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Ella Mai – Whatchamacallit (ft. Chris Brown)(Lyrics)

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Ella Mai – Whatchamacallit (ft. Chris Brown)(Lyrics)
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Woah this is amazing! Not bad


DatDude Austin says:

Chris Brown is a crappy person and these lyrics are a crappy message. 👎🏻

bk-x records 記錄 says:

We like the catchy music & the Beautiful Video …. But can not agree with these lyrics . ( first Dislike we have ever left on this channel )

corkoran says:

Why always see ass girl's in clip ??

Tulepeeker says:

It's cheating

FranSlam says:

This song's message is trash unfortunately 👎🏾

Stenlando says:

Chris brown is a cunt

Clement Joubert says:

t'es une fan de chris brown toi

La Belle Musique says:

Where are you listening from? 🌎🤔

BartjeYeYo Gaming says:

Yes, lets cheat cause we dont care if we hurt our partners. Fucking trash

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