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EST Gee ft. Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez – 5500 Degrees (Lyrics)

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EST Gee ft. Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez – 5500 Degrees (Lyrics)
Song on 24KMUSIC: 5500 Degrees – EST Gee ft. Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez
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🌟 Lyrics 5500 Degrees EST Gee ft. Lil Baby, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez:
00:00 Music
00:03 If I ain’t a young shiner, then what do you call that?
00:07 Fuckin’ niggas’ hoes, he mad, textin’ in all caps
00:10 Beef broad day, lay a nigga down, wave cap
00:12 Overkill drill, spin at the building the wake at
00:14 I’d be on what I’m on if I ain’t rap
00:17 And it really wasn’t no stressin’ ’til them members came back
00:19 Niggas shook, family know we ain’t playin’ no more
00:22 Real trapper, hit my dope like my hand was broke
00:24 He on Insta’ with all the smoke, but call sayin’ he don’t
00:27 You get pistol whipped for some petty shit, your head be swollen
00:29 Yeah, I’ll hit your mans up
00:31 600, 800, this shit there make ’em stand up
00:34 Run around actin’ tough, but you not, boy
00:36 Where the cold bitches lookin’ for the hot boys?
00:38 Fifty in the glizzy, I run my city
00:41 I ain’t stoppin’ shit, catch me if you can
00:43 Just this month, sixty G’s off pants
00:46 I’m not, I’m not fuckin’ no fan
00:48 Ridin’ ’round with the top down
00:50 Sixty-five grams, ten of it is topside, stop lyin’
00:53 I done made a couple M’s a year without tryin’
00:55 Opps done had a sixty-day stretch without dyin’
00:58 Y’all got all that gangster shit down except slidin’
01:00 Hit him, grind three days straight without hidin’
01:03 Gave Bands twenty-five, we ain’t takin’ no time
01:05 Ayy, throw it off the glass, I’ma dunk it (Come here)
01:08 Said y’all niggas apes, I don’t mind killin’ monkeys
01:09 Don’t step back
01:10 White buffs, no eye displayin’
01:13 Posted in the hood, all ten of my chains
01:15 Big 30 on me, off an eight of that drank
01:17 Bitch said she in love with who?
01:19 Ten on the ground, ’bout a dub in the roof
01:22 I’m a thug with a tool
01:23 Promoter called my phone when I left, couldn’t get the pipe in
01:25 Every nigga ’round me having motion like a tight end
01:28 Bought Hot Wheels for my nephew, but I picked him up in my twin
01:30 L with the coolant system, I bought it for a hotboy
01:33 Did a feature with a nigga, 21, I’m walkin’ shit like Deion
01:35 His city say he a rat, so I had to send him back a refund
01:38 Say, Dot, that car right there look like it got the narcs in it
01:40 We the ones who ridin’ ’round with more shots than the bartenders
01:43 I bet you we’ll get them niggas off your block
01:45 I bet you we don’t let them niggas get off no shots
01:47 Come through, show a nigga how to slide
01:50 Last night, I fucked a booster, woke up, text everybody size
01:52 Paid plain janes, but now I’m goin’ bustdowns
01:54 And Zelle the ho a rack to make sure that they touch down
01:57 She ain’t been ridin’ with ’em when them bullets start flyin’
01:59 Carpet same color snow if his head brown
02:02 We ain’t got no protein in Louisville, this a brick town
02:04 A blicky in your glizzy with a switchy, you can’t miss town
02:07 Niggas really starved ’til we started bringin’ that big round
02:09 Mix it with the rizzy, give that lil’ dog a pit growl
02:12 Like I ain’t the one who started this shit
02:14 Like I don’t make sure them lawyers paid and them charges dismissed
02:17 I’m short, but I’ll lift a nigga ass up
02:19 Way before coronavirus, I had them youngins masked up (Mask up)
02:22 Tired of soda bottles, I pour a four inside my cup (Straight)
02:24 And you can’t post an Instagram model one of us can’t fuck (Haha)
02:27 I be at practice, I got real skills, none of this shit luck
02:29 Tell the owner tell security chill, ’cause none of us gettin’ touched
02:31 When I find out where you niggas hide out, one y’all gettin’ crushed
02:34 I’m like, “Fine, I might come out and vibe, but one of y’all gettin’ fucked”
02:36 Got the finest car, one of a kind, I don’t slow down for much
02:39 I got twenty million cash now and still ain’t near enough
02:41 I’m goin’ too crazy, I’m the Wayne of this new generation, niggas fugazi
02:44 They can’t fuck with us no type of way, these niggas too lazy
02:47 I’m cut from a different type of cloth, I don’t know who raised ’em
02:50 Every time I pop out, I hear women screamin’, “Ooh, Baby”

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