Every Person Dissed in Yungeen Ace “Who I Smoke”

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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


TheyBlowin says:


Demonic Pharoah says:

1:01 ksoo killed lil nine (his own cousin) and bibby who is foolio brother. Also zion was killed by ace friend who doing life. So how is ace making money off people he ain't have to kill just reaping the benefits while everyone else pays

Mauricio Lamas says:

They killed more people than the cops

Strik3r says:

Ik its wrong but but dis shit funny

8boimusic says:

Damn these all dead kids they talking about 🤦🏾‍♂️

ChickensCantFly101 says:

RIP Lil Peedy
RIP Trey D
RIP Bibby
RIP Teki
RIP Lil Nine
RIP Tweakin Jit
RIP Jumpout Squeeze
These niggas done killed 8 dudes
RIP to all those dudes on the list
its a crazy world we live in.

Hunter Airlines says:

lmao i live near jacksonville and i blast both diss songs in the car

Reverse Colex says:

i dont smoke bibby or teki or l nine beacuse me and my brother love foolio

Murder Rich says:

Songs trash. Yall keep dissing the dead look at Von's dumbass & all them other rappers from ChiRaq.. Dead as the ones the was dissing. When yall gonna realize you doing exactly what them racist ass police want you to do SMH The cops the only ops

Big Chungus says:

Dad actually messed up they disrespect and they point at the sky

Life of Tim03 says:

This is just the direct name dropping disses theres way more subliminal shit in here

Moon says:

So why they're not in jail

Yaya 4 Real says:

This is sad and disgusting. This reminds me of what racist ppl used to do and wish they could do freely. At this point racists don’t have to kill us we’re killing ourselves and bragging about it. Are these YOUNG Ppl our future? Lord help US they’re LOST!🤦🏾‍♀️

Trust Me says:

People died tho. Catchy tho.

quincy gray says:

lil nine aint carrying no 9 no more

Gerry West says:

The cops in Florida dumb af. These guys snitching on themselves in a song.

tony the tiger smuggler says:

This ish so disrespectful I feel like I’m gonna get clap at just for listening to it . 😂😂

E M says:

Foolio got at em on When I see you.. that was foul too..

Unkle Pablo says:

It's crazy how losers are on here laughing about people getting killed. And the dudes on that made this song are losers too. I don't know these people but it's sad that a person would make a song and tell on yourself.

diffy pubby says:

So I can kill people n make a song about it wow this world n f up:(

Xsl Kari says:

00:15 what is he doin

2thurl ._kj says:

Yo thas mad disrespectful ayo now foolio came out wit a diss and was clowning y'all dead manz it went harder than this song

#GL0STARZ ENT! says:

All shit was fun into foolio came back harder

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