EVERYBODY SNAPPED! | Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN feat. Dababy, Tory Lanez, & Lil Wayne Official VID

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KD William's says:

😳Dude low-key ate the promoted snippet

Ana G says:

Get ready! (Boom boom) get ready (boom boom) get ready to clown around lol

Niya Smith says:

They vid was cool I just hate why y’all paused it so many times

Dan S says:

why doesn't anyone ever catch the gilbert arenas lyric, when javaris crittenton brought the gun into the locker room

Foster KTSE says:

Kawhi signed to the black market 😂😂😂

skyler dricken says:

When he looks for the drawstring at 8:08 lmao.

digitalis says:

Wayne just on another level from everybody else

Alan Jagiello says:

How you gon' cut out Dababy's flow like that

Corey Blackshear says:

Max thademon 🔥

Corey Blackshear says:

Yo fam y'all gotta react to Max thademon white boy outta Brooklyn can y'all react to Star poled up and speak on it when I tell you there's a lot to dissect off them 3 tracks fact

Kimberly Wilson says:


Jadon Hill says:

they paused and skipped the best parts

Tiaye Wooten says:

5:13 😂

Caleb Carroll says:

Quantandra is the shawty that stay across the street😂

Regine Thigpen says:

too much talking

Sheldon Hubbard says:

“What…what’re you lookin at?”
Y’all got me upside down 😂😂😂

Haris Bin Ali says:

why u pause so much

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