Everything We Know About Lil Baby & Lil Durk’s New Album The Voice of the Heroes

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Everything We Know About Lil Baby & Lil Durk’s New Album The Voice of the Heroes. Lil Baby and Lil Durk have announced that their new collab album The Voice of the Heroes will be released on May 28th, 2021. They have since pushed back the release date out of respect to DMX and his posthumous album “Exodus” releasing May 28th, 2021. This is the first joint album between Lil Baby and Lil Durk who are joining forces after having previously collaborated on multiple tracks. Their previous work together includes the songs How I Know, Downfall, 3 Headed Goat and Finesse Out The Gang Way. Most recently they were both featured on the song Every Chance I Get from DJ Khaled’s KHALED KHALED album.

This marks the second collaboration tape for both artists considering that Lil Baby released Drip Harder with Gunna in 2018 and Lil Durk came out with Bloodas in 2017 with Tee Grizzley. In terms of features, there have been rumors of artists such as Rod Wave, Travis Scott, Gunna, and Drake. Since Lil Baby and Lil Durk are both very successful in their respective lanes right now it will be interesting to see what they come up with together creatively. Are you excited for Lil Baby & Lil Durk’s new collaboration project “The Voice of the Heroes”?

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Clover says:

Probably Need Pooh Shiesty, Polo G, Hotboii, Rylo Rodriguez, and probably Tee Grizzley

Andre Hudson says:

I can see Meek Mill maybe making the cut

Andre Hudson says:

I'd like to see G Herbo wit them

Kai Parker says:

Meek Mill is on it

Javi Gaitan says:

Do you think we can still get a drip harder 2 album with baby and Gunna? They’ve been teasing it for a while also.

Enrique Triana says:

i think this is going to be a project that his hot for a week and everyone will forget about it, i will ask for around 8 solid tracks to make it a great album usually i would want around 12-15 tracks but something about this project sounds like is going to be forgotten

Connor Davis says:

Super excited for this project!

isaiah delarosa says:

how u forget "how i know"

Jay Banks says:

They have a song called “How I Know” that I love.

jeff says:

I like baby but im more excited for durk verses personally but overall really looking foward to the album

rickstah says:

another great vid ! always keeping us up to date. Thanks to you lads I would’ve never discovered or even given benny the butcher a chance. Benny’s catalog takes me back to the golden era op hip hop. Big up from australia !


This finna be so fire, need a future ft. Both have ft on HOL

Omarion Broom says:

I would love if they would cut some of the tracks off the tracklist and the album itself to like at least 15 tracks, then I probably wouldn't be so worried or skeptical, and then it would be a much easier listen.

Omarion Broom says:

I'm really excited for this album, but at the same time I'm skeptical about it being 20 tracks long though, because if it's gonna be 20 tracks long then they'll have to be bringing their A game on it and bringing the best out of one another and complimenting each other well. They will also have to have a good amount of features on it as well to hold people over and too keep it from getting to repetitive or boring.

Leandro Portillo says:

I’m thinking there might be a Von feature, maybe polo & Drake.

Joaquim de Andrade Camargo says:

a king von feature would be dope…

Jorden Ramos says:

I’d like to see a sort of lyricist on there. I’d like at least one deep introspective song on there. We know they can get introspective if they really wanted to.

Louie Cordova says:

Who’s washing who ? Lil Baby>> Durk

King Fadal says:

June 4th!! And then culture 3 the week after

Kaleb Bender says:

Imagine a king Von feature I heard him and durk have heaps

Austin Kuipers says:

Features? NEED Meek, that passing of the torch for the voice of the streets.
Meek, Polo G, Roddy Ricch, maybe dababy or baby keem
Drake? Future? Thug? Migos? Gunna?
If Travis comes w/ the hook it better not be another throw away.

Austin Kuipers says:

20 songs is fine, artists just gotta call these playlists and give fans expectations of cutting the fat ourselves.

Austin Kuipers says:

They killed that Khaled song. I’m ready! Hope they mix it up. Curious how the slower songs will turn out

Jeremiah Lutumba says:

yeah i agree drake would be a good feature on this

Elijah says:

Could you guys please talk about tripie redds new album

Cbeast321 says:

So exiteddd lil baby is my favorite rapper in this generation but of course j cole is my all time favorite.

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