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FKJ Live at La Fée Electricité, Paris

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In front of Raoul Dufy’s painting “La Fée Electricité”
Shot by @LeSofa at the Paris Modern Art Museum

0:00 Vibin’ Without (((O)))
5:50 Canggu
10:06 Alice Improvisation


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Sam T says:

Do they do this in the states? Silent concerts or performances with headphones?

Kyle rapovich says:

How do they not move? So hard not to groove to!! At least a head nod lol

Bady D says:

How do you get to one of these

harleybayo EDC GEAR says:

Every now and then you just find the most beautiful music 🎶 and it stops you, and you realize it's not a bad day after all tomorrow the sun will shine on all of us, I love you sister thinking of you always ❤

Aysel Barış- Asenova says:

Good to listen when I should focus on someting. ✨👏

Jamison O'Neil says:

I swear every time he touches the saxophone I transcend

Juraj Brdár says:

Big respect !!!!!!! ♥️

Alicia Harris says:

You are so AMAZING I love you you are so gifted I felt like I was there God gave you and anointed gift. Love you so much

George Rodriguez says:

I'm sooo littty off shrooms rn you don't know how hard this hit unless you up at 3::11 am at your peak Blasting this at the most fitting frequency, makes me wonder if anyone that attended this was too ahahaha much love y'all be smooth out there and fight for what's right and if you need someone to talk to hmu after this trip because I currently cannot pick up the phone hahahahahahaha

David Rodriguez says:

I'm really glad I found FKJ by myself

Sunjae Lee says:

좋다 !🤭

Alexis Rodriguez says:

Oh please oh please I beg come to the US 😭❤️❤️ to be able to watch him play live will bring such peace into my life I’d just sit there and cry

H White says:

This human being is just catastrophically equivalently divine!!🌬

Jack says:

I put this on to listen to while I was working but then I couldn't look away and vibed out to the entire performance

Margery Welch says:

Why aren't those people movin' and bouncin'? I could not keep my head/body/arms/hands still listening to him! He really is fabulous!

Gabriel Dibble says:


Tydel Jones says:

What is the name of the first masterpiece he played!?????

Vince Toh says:

truly beautiful

Wojtek Konopiński says:

dobre to nawet, sehr gut

_Danklife says:

Gotttttdamn Lisa Simpson you better workkkk!!

Oje Anetor says:

12:30 Hits Different

UN1TE 4LL PPL says:

How can people sit still like that. Don't they feel the vibe? Boring croud. Dope performance of fkj

Nico Alvarez says:

These kids had an incredible privilege to be part of this unique artistic proposal!

Rell Stuttin says:


mhae galag says:

when everything seemed to fall out of place someone sent me this link from cf. 💔❤

RALD Spliff says:

Fkj hace arte en su máxima expresión. ✨✨

J FAYDEZ says:

I'm so happy I ran across FKJ. truly music for the soul.

Aubrey Keys says:

Such a vibe I listen 🎧 to everyday …. It’s a must 💯😩💜

Mlungisi Ndlovu says:

Some people are gifted. This is out of this world 🌎. Great godsent music 🎵🎵🎵🎵

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