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Fkj & Masego – Tadow (Slowed + Reverb)

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


J-Wood says:
I appreciate every one of y’all for supporting me and this channel, and I’d love if you considered donating to this GoFundMe above. It’s for one of my best friend’s family medical bills after a bad car accident, and they deserve support more than anybody. Any help is more than appreciated.

helincrt says:

Damn i miss 2019…

Tshoot says:

Eargasm 🔥🥵

⋆ Toro inoue ⋆ says:

Escuchen esta joya en la parte 4:56 a todo lo que da/a todo volumen porque bendicen oídos del sonido que tiene🛐✨

Vrosieposie says:

The saxophone part was Romantic

Princess Barretto says:

Me imaginening momo dacing 😳😵😲😲😔😖

Teeny weenie says:


Your welcome on the behalf of tik tok…

floppa says:

Imagine hearing this audio and watching the sea view😚

Brian Muthamia says:

Imagine your anime guy/s banging you so hard while listening to this 🤭😌🤫😳😈🥵🥴

J Wallace says:

2am laying in the dark letting this bump

Simran says:

POV: 0:50
you're talking to your friend and your soulmate walks in and you guys make a eye contact…and there you go… fell in love

YoungWildandCraving says:

I’ve never wanted to marry a saxophone until this moment in time

janka says:

2.2M views~~ this video deserves the 2.2M views that for sure ~

Jonathan Perez says:

This the type of song you listen to when you go for a drive at night.

Denise Martinez says:

I discovered a speak easy bar and this song was playing as I walked in 😌😌 movie vibes

Archerg 16 says:

A soft breeze, headphones on the maximum volume, laid down, a beautiful view, a cool drink and Tadow 🎶❤️🎷

RanTheMan says:

The saxophone is what got me vibing

InquisitiveMonke says:


Awesomeness Squad says:

Oh wow is there an extra saxophone part or am I going insane

George Bushaway says:


Jano Ishay says:

I'm so stoned right now and this song is taking me away to the beach 🌴 💧 🌅

Faith says:

the sax part literally carried this song * chefs kiss *😚🎷

klima1237 says:

Is this what musical sex sounds like

Bùi Bảo Trân says:

The saxophone is…. speechless 😳

selftitledorsmth says:


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