(Full English cover) K/DA – POP/STARS 【Lucy】

This song has literally not stopped looping in my head since it first came out last week, what fresh hell is this

(yes i stan k/da akali bc im trash!!!!!!!)

Stressed really hard all week over trying to get this cover and mix down p e r f e c t l y but I got tired of myself real quick so here it is, take it as you will HAHAHAH ; v; I’ll just have to learn to live with my own mediocrity but at least it was really fun to sing!! I have not been this excited to sing something for literally years, this was a Revitalizing experience wow

Currently planning a full cosplay/vocal/dance cover group ❤ Really excited to hopefully carry that to fruition!!

– Full English translyrics –
(not that there was much to translate tbh)

– Original video –
(if you somehow managed to miss it)

Translyrics, vocals, mix, and video by me.
Shoutout to my kneeling chair and standing desk for saving my back throughout this mix, wow.

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