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Future – Codeine Misery feat. Young Thug (Type Beat) prod. Gold Flame

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Months later, as both artists were preparing to drop new projects, Future and Thug traded insults about output.

Thug named a song on JEFFERY “Future Swag,” and more recently featured Future on the BTG number “Relationship.”

Capping their tumultuous dynamic, Future and Young Thug join forces for a new mixtape called Super Slimey and finally find common ground-in syrupy Auto-Tune, colorful diamonds, Patek Philippe timepieces, double cups, cruise ships, and personal torment.

There are flashes of their more private sides, too, like Thug rapping, “It’s true I said I love you but I didn’t promise” on “Real Love,” or Future opening up about depression on “4 da Gang”: “I look my demon in the face, I’m booted up the worst way I can’t grieve, ’cause ain’t none of my grandma bills late.”

Neither Future nor Thug is at the peak of his powers on Super Slimey, which forgoes explosiveness and poignancy for streamlined action, and many of the solo cuts shine brighter than the team-ups.

A song like “All da Smoke” is really just a FUTURE cut with a pasted-in Thug verse.

The Super Slimey production crew spotlights standout beatmakers from across the Future and Young Thug discographies: Mike WiLL Made-It, Southside, TM88, Wheezy, and London on Da Track.

Heavy on quality and short on deviations from classic sounds, the Atlanta duo of Future and Young Thug gave fans everything they could have asked for.

Unlike some rap duos, Thug and Future have a strange musical brotherhood that allows them to create a unique sound instead of forcing them to morph into something they’re not.

Future somehow makes stuttering sound cool and Young Thug sounds like he’s speaking in cursive.

The bass on this song is insane and Future fans will love this.

Thug wasn’t needed on this song and Future could have released this as a single and it would dominate the charts but instead the other songs on the album smother it in the middle of the track list.

The rambunctious beat matches Thug’s ridiculous flow and energy and the chemistry feels natural between Future and his partner-in-rhyme.

Future and Young Thug embody Atlanta flow and spend 13 songs creating an enjoyable project.

Never before has the hierarchy of the city’s current crop of superstars been as well-defined and understood: Future is undoubtedly the biggest artist in Atlanta’s right now and Young Thug is by far the most intriguing, so the two of them together on a joint album, at last, is a coup, to say the least.

Slimey is very much a Future album, with a dozen guest appearances from Young Thug.

It feels like Thug has entered Future’s world, landed on production tailor-made for Future, and found a comfortable space to exist there.

Thug’s performance is commendable, as he’s able to keep up with a living legend in his comfort zone, but as the album goes on – and especially on Future’s rambunctious solo efforts “Feed Me Dope” and “4 Da Gang” – the victory becomes clearer and clearer as the sound becomes more distinctively defined as Future’s.

If Future doesn’t take up more airspace than Thug on the album, it certainly feels like he does, and right from the gate two Future verses sandwich a brief stanza by Thug on the album’s opener “No Cap.”.

Surely, Thug was happy to make that sort of artistic sacrifice, as he’s sure to get the same kind of commercial rub from Future that Future received from Drake two years ago with What A Time.

In the end, Super Slimey is a perfect barometer of just where Thug and Future are in their respective career arcs.


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