IAMSU! – Racks In The Middle (Freestyle)

IAMSU! – Racks In The Middle (Freestyle)
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I was riding ’round in the V12 with the racks in the middle
Whole world know that I’m heartless I just act sentimental
At the car wash get it detailed, then I’m back to the trenches
I’m icon living, snap like Nikon pictures
My chain radiant, I don’t need the lights on with it
In a Mercedes-Benz, slither like a python in it
I don’t follow trends, cause there’s principles in the area that I was brought up in, can’t let it fall again
Comme des Garçons, heartbreaks all on my cardigan
They can’t tag me to the dark side, I’m heaven sent
Gotta stay low when I’m outside cause they plottin’ thick
I got rank now, I got Mob ties, this is not a drill
Shed tears on the day that I got out my deal
Zip my lips and take my time before I ever squeal
I went from loner to owner, pro-brono to bonus
Local joker to locomotive, on track to the promise
Yeah, I travel places, exotic
I was a [?]
I got too much money to be offended by comments
I’m a [?]
Riding ’round in the V12 with the racks in the middle
They tried to blackball me but I’m back in the picture
I read my raps like they bible scriptures
Can’t trust no thot, they gon’ plot against you
Real nigga to the molecule
Flow is hotter than a pot of stew
Run a background check, bet a nigga check-out like he out of room
Out in Houston with that follow-through
You cannot assume I am not a goon
Had to stop at Tijuana, time for food
Top-tier, you would cop beer with your day ones, you would not hear
All I show is love nigga not fear
Haters wishing that I’d stop here

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