Ice Cube – Everythang’s Corrupt Album [Review/Reaction]

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Ice Cube Everythangs Corrupt Full Album Reaction / Review.

Ice Cube’s Everythang’s Corrupt album arrived later than expected … and just in time.

The project was set to drop several years ago, but was placed on the backburner so that Cube could focus on his other projects. Some fans wondered if Everythang’s Corrupt would ever see the light of day, as the legendary MC hadn’t released a proper album since 2010’s I Am the West; however, Cube reassured his fans that the effort hadn’t been abandoned and that it would arrive before 2019. Ice Cube Album.

Ice Cube Everythangs Corrupt tracklist:
1 Super OG (Intro)
2 Arrest the President
3 Chase down the Bully
4 Don’t Bring Me No Bag
5 Bad Dope
6 On Them Pills
7 Fire Water
8 Streets Shed Tears
9 Ain’t Got No Haters (feat. Too $hort)
10 Can You Dig It?
11 That New Funkadelic
12 One for the Money
13 Still in the Kitchen
14 Non Believers
15 Everythangs Corrupt
16 Good Cop Bad Cop

“It ended up taking longer than expected, but I’m glad it did, because the timing is perfect,” Cube said on Beats 1 radio. “Because if you look around, everything is corrupt. If you look at the situation on every level, there is corruption.” Everythangs Corrupt.

The 16-track album includes the previously released single “That New Funkadelic” and the anti-Trump record “Arrest the President.”

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Hip-Hop Universe says:

Don't play Lil Pump when you're sitting next to Ice Cube… you know what, don't play Lil Pump in the first place. OG Ice Cube is back with another album! I really enjoyed this album, I put it on my top 3 albums of 2018. Kamikaze and Nasir are the other ones. What do you think about the album? What are your favorite albums of 2018?
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Good User, M.a.a.d Internet says:

Your the worst channel on YouTube by far

Gamble Cross says:

0:100:13…All of hip hops reaction to Mumble Rappers lol

plantation free says:

Life is to serious right now to be listening to a grow nigga singing nursery rhymes.
Especially another democrat plantation overseer. White kids learning how to communicate, Asian kids learning math, Jewish and African kids learning business,
Hispanic kids learning how to take over our communities, and our dumb-asses teaching our kids how to worship bitch-ass rappers . Smh
That's why we're in last place.
Let the excuses and lame democrat plantation slave explanations begin 3. 2. 1.—–

Jonathan Guzman says:

The ones that should of been 10/10 you didn't put as 10 Shed tears 10 . Can you dig it 10 . Fire water 10 the rest would be a 8 or 9

thick_bangz_69 2 says:

Albums amazing I just don’t like when cube gets political

Banaanijärvi D says:

What's this beat's name?

james traitses says:

Why tf does he have to go political, man has no idea what he’s taking about and zero credibility on politics. Em did the same thing and now he’s a washed out white boy who’s indoctrinated into the toxic politically correct cancer culture that Hillary Clinton created.

Victor Valdez says:

Soo this album was just an album LMAOO

Vetoeds Son says:

I don't really agree with his pov on Donald Trump bu t that's me but either way I love the album

Sam sharma says:

I think m the only one who was more excited for ice cube's album than Eminem.

Shammago says:

When I first previewed the album my first reaction as ehhh but then I fully listened and I'm HOOKED. Haven't felt this good about an Ice Cube album since Raw Footage.

SSplayz HonorOfX says:

UMG is so stupid. Your pitching the sound of every video and they are still copyrighting. screw UMG and WMG

The Canterbury Nationalist says:

Good job and analsyis,dawg!

rengar godlike says:

Ty Em Nas and Ice cube for giving us something good to listen to 🙏

Cringe Gecko says:

Review stokeley by ski pleaseee

x Z says:

I will always like Ice cube's music. But this won't be my favorite. You don't get points from me pointing out the obvious. I'd listen to this every day of my life if I didn't have to hear one more mumble rap song though.

Larskin13 says:

Nice review but each political song definitely doesnt deserve a 10/10 they were good dont get me wrong but not each one

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