If Juice WRLD, XXXTENTACION & Pop Smoke was in "WHOOPTY" by CJ…

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This mashup contains:
CJ – Whoopty (Instrumental)
Juice WRLD – Yeah x3 (Unreleased)
Pop Smoke – Mannequin

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Fizzle says:

bro you just made a great song better

Five09ine says:

So good 😊 bro keep it up ✊🥰

Sauce God Kev says:

Pop Smoke was the only one that sounded good on this beat.

EditzSZN says:

This goes hard no 🧢


No way juice. And smoke
Is alive man yall tripping jitt

GXLL 888 says:

2:24 LEGEND come when all kids go down

Its me Praveen says:

Entammo lambo with bulldog

Tray Young says:

My boi x killed it and pop and juice

Jordan McFarlane says:

Nice mash up

Ethan Ramirez says:

You got this from soundcloud

Ethan Ramirez says:

its from soundcloud this song

Nurjet Hyuseinov says:

bro this aint no Juice beat thats whz it didnt fit but still sick

L u L says:

X went hard asf

pshhh says:

Am i the only one who thinks x sounds like von on this Track

Divine says:

Juice don't really fit in this

Kiwi editsΨ says:

Okay okay this shit go hard no cap

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