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If Pain Was A Person – MoneyBagg Yo (Official Instrumental)

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If Pain Was A Person – MoneyBagg Yo (Official Instrumental)
Reproduced by prodbytheman
Original beat produced by YungDee x SEMVJ

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If Pain Was A Person – MoneyBagg Yo (Official Instrumental)
A Ganstas Pain

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer: MoneyBagg Yo – If Pain Was A Person has been used for educational purposes in accordance with section 107 of US Copyright Law.


1. “Memphganistan” feat. Kaash Paige
2. “Just Say Det”
3. “GO!” with BIG30
4. “Wockesha”
5. “Shottas (Lala)”
6. “Hard For The Next” with Future
7. “If Pain Was A Person”
8. “I Believe U” feat. TripStar
9. “Time Today”
10. “Interlude”
11. “Free Promo” feat. Polo G & Lil Durk
12. “Hate It Here”
13. “Love It Here”
14. “Clear Da Air”
15. “Projects”
16. “One of Dem Nights” feat. Jhené Aiko
17. “FR”
18. “Certified Neptunes” feat. Pharrell
19. “Change Da Subject”
20. “Least Ian Lie”
21. “Bipolar Virgo”
22. “A Gangsta’s Pain”


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Yung Dee says:

produced by me originally @imyungdee on ig 🤝

M says:

How do you make that sound at 00:55 ? And what is it called ?

Cedrick Gallow says:

My verse goes harder then money 💰

How in the fuck could you do me like this, ya got me tripping as I reminisce,
I realized that you don't owe me shit,
You was my one and only bitch before I hit the pen,
Someone who I can love trust fuck and call my best friend,
My confidence led to jealousness,
My heart couldn't swim so I drowned like the rest of em,
Blinded by love a sign from above but this conversation is irrelevant,
And I actually thought that you was heaven sent,
Now I was loving you until I found out someone else was fucking you,
Now what in the fuck am I supposed to do,
Stay true to these fake games,
and let you run loose to catch the same things,
That these hoes do, I told you I don't want to hold you,
You was too stupid to see that I love you now a nigga like fuck you,
This is where it all boils down yup the moment of truth,
You wanted games bitch I'm playing on you,
Peep the context clues she knew the meaning when she started screaming she leaving,
Good riddance to hood bitches adios senorita,

I could go on for days… unsigned hype. No label… no affiliation… straight bars. And that's a freestyle off the top of my head. Get at me if you got beats for sale. I'd pay good money for a quality producer. 😎✌🏽

Cedrick Gallow says:

Why you didn't break down the verses in 16's? I freestyled to the beat but whenever I tried to put 16 on it… I noticed it was short. If I'm not mistaken. You broke up the verses into 12's or 8's. Not hating or nothing because it's dope. One of the first samples I used as a teen trying to produce. Now I only rap to myself. Much love and respect

888whoru says:

Bitch you only know the old me , now I ain’t got no watch- I ain’t worried bout no time , got my money up , 2 phones , spent 13k on this glock I tucked. Skipped a couple days n nights being medicated – just to get my mind right

INDEO 1 says:

What is the name of the song behind the song ?

Jacob Graves says:

How dope would it be if he dropped like a 7 minute gmix to this

KyShia says:

check out my freestyle to this

follow me on ig: @kyshia_

Julia Råbe says:

i dont wanna be like that, but as a swedish person the beginning do be sounding like 'mina områden' by kartellen.

Emmanuel Lacy says:

Dis not the original

HaHaYourABot_ says:

I don’t wanna be right, if being right means being without you

Hxnnid says:

I uploaded it first but due to the fact I’m shadow banned by YouTube it’s not going anywhere. Cool🔥

Megan Renee Prod says:

Post a download link for this audio! Amazing work

Marty mar says:

All the shit that I done heard feel that pain get scered call lil bruh like what’s the word

TaySantana says:

If you do "Projects" you are a genius.

PGH Simba says:

I’m pretty sure this beat called out to everybody while listening to the song

rvmses says:

that was pretty quick

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