If Ski Mask The Slump God's verse was on "Danny Phantom" (Trip At Knight)

Trippie Redd & XXXTENTACION’s “Danny Phantom” but Ski Mask’s verse is on it. Let me know what you think!

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yo, this video is part 3 of the week of Trip at Knight videos. A lot of you were asking me to make a version of this song with ski’s verse from ghostbusters so I had to do it, I was considering adding quavo and maybe offset back onto it as well but u guys voted against it, and I kinda agreed too so it worked out. I personally like this song just being the 3 of them. I added some of trippies vocals from the old danny phantom demo during the chorus as a little bonus, and I did some custom mixing on ski’s vocals to make it match how x’s new mixing sounds. I also did a little vocoder type harmony during the part where ski sings because in the original verse he sings hella offkey lol, I think it came out sounding really good.

I also made that ski as danny phantom edit for the thumbnail lol it kinda looks like shit but if u squint from far away it kinda looks good tho right?