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Jack Harlow has been busy since he first appeared on Verified back in 2018, releasing two well-received albums on Atlantic Records via DJ Drama’s Generation Now imprint. On today’s episode of Verified, which premiered exclusively on Apple Music, Jack Harlow explains the inspiration behind his latest single, “WHATS POPPIN.”

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Zac Fleming says:

Why does he sound like The Professor haha!

YouTube Administrator says:

Yessir, condom on bro. Thots just gon trap you bro.

The Business Harper says:

My dude uses condoms every time and I absolutely fucking love that

King Arkadios says:

Shego is a baddie tho

Charles Guelcher says:

Glad he raps it on beat and doesn’t just say it

Patrick Brady says:

When he’s done with rapping he should be a health teacher or something like that 😂

Watch_Mist .-. says:

DA BABY???!?! that u???

M.O.B ForeignSticc says:

damn 11 months ago already😅

Your Daddy says:


april nguyen says:

oh my god i’m in love with him

nigga ch says:

My man looking like an orange among us character

Malachi Swem says:

He smart as fuck but funny as hell

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