Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN Remix (8D AUDIO) Ft. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne

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Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN Remix (8D AUDIO) Ft. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne

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Siyardley says:

🎶🎤 Lyrics / Letra 🎤🎶:-
[Verse 1: Jack Harlow]
Back with the remix
These boys all my sons like Phoenix (Pooh, you a fool for this one)
My city and state never ever seen this
Jimmy Neutron, I'm a young boy genius (Oh Lord, Jetson made another one)
On the futon, I'ma give her that penis
When this shit's done, I'ma fill up arenas
Ooh, like Gilbert Arenas, shoot my shot
I'm still with the demons, ooh, I keep it thorough
I got five chicks in New York
That means one in each borough
I'm in the pocket like Burrow
When I'm back home, though
They treat me like Robert De Niro
Took her to Taco Bell, bought her a churro
Took her home, gave her a cinnamon swirl
I left it in, now I got a one-year old
Zeros on zeros on zeros (Zeros)
That's what my bank account balance say (Woo)
I got a check from the shoe company
Now I do anything that New Balance say
I bought her a plane ticket, out of state
I got me a shorty from 'round the way
Said, "I'm in town today"
She said she comin' over and she down to stay
I got a hit, she been playin' that shit
So when she pull up on me I know what she 'bout to say

[Chorus: Jack Harlow & DaBaby]
What's poppin'?
Brand new whip, just hopped in (Just hopped in)
I got options
I could pass that bitch like Stockton (It ain't nothin')
Just joshin' (Oh, these niggas got me fucked up, nigga)
I'ma spend this holiday locked in (Ooh, you know, it's like)
My body got rid of them toxins (Let me go, mmh, mmh)
SportsCenter, top ten

[Verse 2: DaBaby]
Call up my bitch, tell her, "Bring me that noggin" (Brrt)
Brain real good, she a scholar
I like the thing with low mileage, good brain with no college
Call me DaBaby, no toddler (Wah)
I'm real creative and stylish, F&N in my denim
I send a hit, make him spin 'em
And I just flew back from L.A. on the jet yesterday (Nyoom)
I go back and forth like I play tennis
I fuck with your ho, yeah, I'm fit for it
Still on the Billboard, the number one song in UK
And I done got so fuckin' rich, all these hoes on my dick
I still don't give a fuck what you say
She eat it like a Pac-Man, nigga (Eat it)
Whoop a nigga like I'm Batman, nigga (Eat it)
I just pulled up in the Batmobile (Nyoom)
The reason I ain't fuckin' with these rap-ass niggas
'Cause they cap-ass niggas (Cap)
And they raps ain't real (Cap)
Believe me, you wanna keep your life, then take it easy
I'm rockin' water diamonds, need a Squeegee
These niggas watered down, they drinkin' Fiji
My whip is orange and brown like I'm in Cleveland
My bitch is Mello Yello like a soda (Soda)
These niggas tattletalers, I'm a soldier
Ayy, somebody tell them niggas that it's over
You know it's Baby, nigga

[Chorus: Jack Harlow & Tory Lanez]
What's poppin'? (Poppin')
Brand new whip, just hopped in (Woo, hahaha)
I got options (Ayy)
I could pass that bitch like Stockton (Uh)

[Verse 3: Tory Lanez]
Hop out that Scat and I caught her
I'm out here with somebody daughter
She callin' me daddy, I'm somebody father
I gotta go gets it, I will not go kiss it
Or put my lips on it like somebody water
The diamond, the glacier, the card in the wallet
She pulled up to fuck me but nobody caught her
She told me that she wasn't feelin' my music
I fucked her, she told me, "It's nobody harder"
And I'm with the G-ski, I need that shit for the freeski
We are not buyin' no pussy you sellin' on Peachtree
It's so much work on my celly
I had to go tell all my bitches, "Email it to reach me"
All in my DM, I'll follow your BM
She play with the croski, we used to fuck on the lowski
She use to lie on my bed and go lie to your face
And say I'm just a broski, nigga, you knows me
You ain't believe it, you wanted to toast me
I had extendi as long as a ruler in case you was coolin' and wanna approach me
Dropped the Bentayga, came back in the Cullinan
She wanna fuck again, I want that tongue again
Stuck it so deep that she cough up her lung again
Five star bitches, they on the run again, run again
Runnin' in diamonds, they illuminatin' the way that I come again
I just put so many pennies on the watch
That I don't ever got to stunt again, nigga, lil' Tory

[Chorus: Jack Harlow, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne]
What's poppin'? (Canada)
Brand new whip, just hopped in (Just hopped in)
I got options
I could pass that bitch like Stockton (It ain't nothin')
Just joshin'
I'ma spend this holiday locked in (Ooh, man, I just caught a drink)
My body got rid of them toxins (Like, fuck, mmh, mmh)
SportsCenter, top ten

[Verse 4: Lil Wayne]
Uh, what's brackin'? (Woo)
Brand new whip, new mansion (Brrp)
Brand new tips, new dancers (Yeah)
Same old dick, new Magnums (Oh)
Same old shit, new maggots (Yeah)
Same old throne, new dragons (Uh)
Same old strong, new ashes (Yeah)
I could pass that bitch like Magic, yeah (Oh, oh)
I ain't cappin', I'm lit, I'm active, yeah (Yeah)
Lil' five in that bitch like Paxson, yeah (Yeah)
Gonna drown in this milk like Apple Jacks
I sell a bitch dreams, put tax on that
Lil' slime in that bitch, that's slatt for slatt (Yeah)
Obama, Presidential Rollie, that's black on black (Yeah)
Got ninety-nine problems and the bitch ain't one
Yeah, numbers don't lie, this the aftermath (Yeah)
Yeah, what's poppin'? (Poppin')
Brand new phone, just dropped it
Um, fuck it, I got options
I bust down couple Apple Watches (Hello)
I could put the ball in the end zone
Put a bad bitch and her friends on, ooh, ooh
I'ma bust all on the skin tone
I be masked up, ask Ken Jeong, ooh, ooh
Dark haired bitches like Shego (Pew)
I like 'em blonde like me though (Yeah)
Although I'm Don Corleone (Brrat)
I will still slide like Neo, uh (Hello)
Keef all around my pre-roll (Yeah)
New Orleans, nigga, I'm Creole
She said, "Babe, does it hurt when I deepthroat?"
I just better not feel your teeth, ho

[Chorus: Jack Harlow]
What's poppin'? (Poppin')
Brand new whip, just hopped in (Just hopped in)
I got options
I could pass that bitch like Stockton (It ain't nothin')
Just joshin'
I'ma spend this holiday locked in (Ooh)
My body got rid of them toxins (Mmh, mmh)
SportsCenter, top ten

Amari Franklin-Kamara says:

this goes from one ear and to the other it feels weird

BattleFish 0058 says:

Thanks you for blessing my ears with this.🙏🙏🤤

TrOLLz OnYT says:

🔥🔥 Wayne sound hella good on 8d🔥🔥

Ieuan Jones says:

Audio isn't the best

Mr. Exotic says:


Muniz vega Christopher says:

the audio this loud makes me feel at a concert LOL

Malakai DeRose says:

This is a concert with auto tune lol

Mark Fenwick says:

The quiet kid when the jock tries him:

Gx _Fire says:

it sounds like your in a empty gym blasting this

banana says:

I was listening to this in school and i got scared that it was playing out loud but turns out it was just an illusion

Devil's Gang,BanG says:

What the hell man im high bro please someone keep me beside of you im going next planet as like hell… 🙄🙄👀👀🇳🇵

zaydenxo says:

I felt high listening to this and lil wayne seemed higher than he was in this song 😂

Jaden Smith says:

This should really TOP the leaderboard of 8D

TheSoprah says:

I love how the base affects the saturation level of the image. Is that a plugin for after effects or something? Because I imagine it would be pretty tedious to create and assign each key to the base.

MistRL says:

Sounds like your in a bathroom at a party 😔


take your headphones a little of and put it close to your ear it feels like your whole family can here it/.


my friends ignoring me.
Me"talking to my dad is my car ready
Me:Whats poppin

Kartikay Rana says:

AirPods Pro take this to another level

Eli Dunn says:

I took my earbuds out cause I thought it was playing out loud lol

シYi3if says:

Bruuuuhhhh this sooo good

David Lockworth lll says:

That’s fire yo

ThaFeesh says:

Best 8D audio I've heard so far.

Ms. Clownish says:

If you want to ignore someone all u gotta do is play this 8d song lol

JamelArif says:

Too much reverb y’all, and it’s just sound circles.

Get you weight up This mix is weak

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