Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN Remix (Lyrics) ft. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne

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🎶 Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN Remix (Lyrics) ft. DaBaby, Tory Lanez & Lil Wayne
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Whats Poppin Lyrics
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VibesOnly says:

Who killed it the most on this remix? 🔥

Fidel Boyzo says:

Got damn it that shit got hard 1:33

folumb says:

I think it's "dropped the Bentayga and came back in the Cullinan".

Caleb Akamumpa says:

Jack ,dababy ,lil tory

OG Flow says:

I ran of breath on Tory verse 🔥💔

Mimi Rogovin says:

*I been messed up like Ken Jones
Who is Ken Jones??
It should be *I be masked up like kim jong as in the Kim Jong un

lil leaf mondragon says:

Uh what's brackin brand new whip new mansion brand new tipes

chino marohom says:

When i play this shi on 0.75x… bruh im feelin high like dafuccc?

AlphaGTF says:

Lil wayne's verse is half of jacks first one.

nima luck says:

kelly clarkson

Cole Hamilton says:

dababy is da best

Boxer Main says:

Damn Tory lanez just pissed on everyone on this track

Robin Mallard says:

Wayne said(SHE Said babe dose it hurt when I deep throat )HE SAID I BETTER NOT FEEL YOUR TEETH HO LMASOF

T Kingz says:

Yea, me too I got this shyt lockd

F1nna6etit says:

"Back" "Jack Harlow saying" Thats what my bank account balance say Me: Boy get your spelling right

John Cena says:

ok but why the fuck does tory not have to breathe

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