Jizzle Buckz ft. Pooh Shiesty – Choppas Nd Bricks (Official Music Video)

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Ken C says:

they always get shiesty to save the track

Crystal Winston says:

Let’s go St. Louis

Malik ItBe says:


Spencer Reason says:

Hit the Gas let the motor roarrr🌡️💯

Malik Empire says:

Slamming niggas in da water off da Diving Board !!!!!!! Lhhh

Raymond Blankenship says:

no one can Brrrr better then pooh

Off x White Tjayy says:

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Dan Williams says:

I need that shit pooh

Tiffanee Allen says:

Even with Pooh shiesty u couldn’t get that milli

Off x White Tjayy says:

Dear, Heavenly Father today I come to you in Jesus Name I pray that the person on the other side of this screen receives blessings and awnsered prayers and receive miracles Heavenly Father we Love you Praise you and Thank you Heavenly Father for even putting us on this Earth that you made and we are thankful that we still are on This Earth during all this stuff going on Heavenly Father. We accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and King and Believe with all our Hearts and Minds that Jesus Christ your Son Died For Our Sins and Was Risen By Yourself Heavenly Father In Jesus Name We Pray, Amen💛❤️✝️

BwitDaBlixk says:

Put this shit on Spotify god damn

Aden Niederholtmeyer says:

someone gotta put this shit on audiomack

William Lewis says:

🗣️Stl up Let's Pop it off Brick laden Pooh shiesty Snapped no cap stay Jamming to dis Shyt🎧🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥💰💰👌💪🙌🙏

BlackLitSTL says:

Check out the "St. Louis Kingpins" documentary on my page, it covers notorious figures like 'Fats' Woods, Terry Cooley, Jerry Lewis-Bey & more!

Aj Estrella says:

Buckz snapped

Tyler B. says:

This shit slaps…

MWUM says:

this shit so hard

Terreal Cypress says:

Pooh nasty🔥🔥🔥

Gabriel Frazier says:

concrete hard

jbfthree1 says:

… put moneybagg on it so you can get some talent on the damn track.

Peep Game says:

Here for Shiesty, stayed for Jizzle 🔥

The richest Erick says:

💎💎💎💎💎 brtttt

The richest Erick says:


Ashley Redd says:

I see "ft Pooh Shiesty" & I click. Every time lol

Kelen Moore says:

Tried to fw jizzle he rlly jus bumpin in this song

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