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Joyner Lucas – Just Like You (508)-507-2209

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New release from The 508 project by Joyner Lucas.

I’m Kind of A Big Deal Tour:

Instagram: @joynerlucas
Available on Spotify and iTunes:


StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Kubbles I says:

Can't wait for ADHD

S P says:

Y’all barely found him? I seemed to have been subscribed to him I know I wouldn’t have subscribed without talent.

charmo says:

and people say there isnt any good music left nowadays.

Scottrick says:

Who the fuck cut that kids hair lol

Thine Dones says:

This Guy is amazing really amazing.. I'm not a fan of hip hop but this Guy gosh😭 i love this Guy

Li'a Talaga says:

Dudes dope…currently goin thru it as a parent and wanting to win with my fam in tow. Keep doin yo thang young bull. I appreciate the breath of fresh air. Frm Seattle.

Yasin Ahmed says:

Generational musician Right here.

Julien Parker says:

not saying to all of you but i see a bunch of fakes in theses comments they say theses things like oh i understand you and i feel u but most of you dont. this is some of my life and this is only towards the fakes

SÅÙČĘ G0D says:

Let’s be real we ALL saw the sponge bob movie playing for the first kid lol if u didn’t leave a comment if u did

saige sewell says:

his kid spittin fire

DLuXGaming says:

“And Mr President…”

“Uh, yuh?”

“Get this man a fucking Grammy.”

El calvo de la Fórmula 1 says:

Just like Patricio

gocku 9000 says:

Once snoop, emeneim,lil dickey ludacris joyner lucas and a couple other rappers die rap will die

N O says:

cancer sticks 😂

Shane Wise says:

best rapper right now with em period!!!!!

Greg Price says:

This message is powerful af!

Alyssandria Rose says:

Wtf is he so underrated he 🔥🔥🔥

Supreme Kid209 says:

Look, I don't wanna be no fuck nigga
I don't wanna sell drugs, nigga
I don't wanna fuck mad hoes and then claim I can't find love with 'em
I don't wanna be no super thug
I don't ever wanna get tripped up
I don't wanna get drunk and high and spend all my time in the strip club
Look, I don't wanna ever go to jail and shit
Serve time and get bail and shit
Be a bum and start stealing shit, fuck around and die and go to hell and shit
Yo, I don't wanna be jobless
And I don't wanna be heartless
Run around, tryna start shit, pickin' fights, thinkin' I'm hot shit

Jorge Otero says:

One of the only good rappers now


cancer sticks sounds like my mom whoops

Lillian Nimmo says:

Trying to cover bruises with bandages . Just wow

APD F says:

If Joyner and Eminem combined their power them being god would be an understatement🤣

Deveral Wilson says:

I'm going to play it it's for my kids every morning this is a powerful song I'm Wide Awake thank you

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