Joyner Lucas – Winter Blues (508)-507-2209

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Winter Blues is a song from Joyner’s project:
508-507-2209 Available Now –

I’m Kind of A Big Deal Tour:

Instagram: @joynerlucas


Steve Burchman says:

Worcester Massachusetts?

Martin Woodbridge says:

This type of music will never be in the radio because most rapper speak the truth and actually have a story to be told💵🔥

zylitx says:

i live in a thug family i got 7 uncles and they all in prison i almost got arrested with my ma because this dude tried taking our license numbers because we were trying to help 2 guys thats were trying to get away from some white people that were gonna sue them just because they accidently hit them and really nothing got broken so they escaped and they accidently broke sum bricks in someones house they said sorry and theyll pay but the man didnt care so i was in the car getting pissed and they started calling the cops and we just raced off till this day dem fous are still alive and ok. and literally the man moved houses.

Camron Liston says:

Oh no no no no no no, the song ended.

Event Snitch says:

The best blues

Phcx says:

joyners videos speak for themselves this shit fye🔥🔥🔥

lenyoso says:

You're the shit my dude. keep it going

It's Shawn Lluisma says:

Is that you? Ice Cube?

Inferno Beats says:

Anyone here from before Eminem’s album?

Mr Noncredible says:

Smell that? Smells like….Victory.

dr.phill says:

1:03 nigga was like NOPE

Jerrod Stevenson says:

Best new rapper and nobody's even close.

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