Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams (Fortnite Battle Royale Parody) | Double pump dreams

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This is my fortnite battle royale parody music video of Juice WRLD’s song Lucid Dreams. Leave a like if you enjoyed!

Check out my music : https://soundcloud.com/mikeych

Instrumental Reprod. by Georgie

Clips from:
daequan loco
fortnite films



Like or get bad brain cell eating LIGMA

S4H1L 17 says:

Press F to pay respects to double pump RIP DOUBLE PUMP

Peder Slungaard says:

the grey pump took more damage than the blue pump today (season 6)

Junior Ayala says:

Hate spray meta

Junior Ayala says:

1=1% chance of bringing it back 😭

Junior Ayala says:

No i just better of playing roblox lmao

Sean and jj fights 21 says:

I still see you in my loadout

Jacob Ryan says:

HUGE thumbs πŸ‘ŽπŸΏ

Mikey Ratcliffe says:

Nice πŸ‘ vid

Carlos Galvan says:

The beginning of the song when he starts singing is ceedays gameplay

BaoKy says:

Time to make a 20 paragraph reply about it

spozt says:

WAIT, What happens if you send this to epic games lol. (maybe bring back double shotguns i hope.)

CloudIs Good says:

RIP DOUBLE PUMP SEASON 1 – 4 You may be nerfed in peace

GamingWithHasham says:

1:13 muslek OFF COURSE great vid btw

TSM EX says:

This song is lit lol

i been up 5 days i cant get no rest says:

I'm listening to: XXXTENTACION – Jocelyn Flores

DefaultTrash says:

Epic: brings double pump back
Everyone: Yesss!
Epic: lol they both do seven dmg.
Everyone: πŸ’€

X_X ScarecrowX_X says:

too much autotune ew

Demacia14 2 says:

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Clash says:

Rip double Pump

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