K/DA – POPSTARS FT.(G)I-DLE, Jaira Burn, Madison Beer [REACTION]

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Hey what’s up guys! Today we are reacting a collaboration group K/DA featuring Jaira Burn, Madison Beer and Miyeon+Soyeon of (G)I-DLE! The song is called “POP/STARS” and it was for the World Championship of the game League of Legends. This was really awesome to see and we want to know what y’all thought about this song so let us know down below! Thanks for watching!!

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Parker Nystrom says:

To answer your LoL questions:
LoL currently has 141 champions (they've said we're getting our first details on the 142nd champion on the 19th).
The girls in this video are 4 of those champions: Ahri (the 9-tailed fox, voiced by Miyeon), Akali (the punk ninja, voiced by Soyeon), Evelynn (the demon with the glasses and car, voiced by Madison Beer), and Kai'Sa (the dancer, voiced by Jaira Burns). All 4 of those champions got new K/DA skins, which this music video and the live performance helped promote.

Scott Adams says:

Okay hate to say it but you guys suck…if you're going to do a video on something like this and your only response is "I looked at a picture…" seriously…do some freaking research man. any 12 year old with google can find out more than what you provided. Your reactions were also super tame and honestly, boring. Next time you put forth a video like this, do a little bit of research, expend SOME KIND of effort in your work, and then have energy when you're doing you're reaction. I don't mean be over the top, but if you're only staring blankly at the screen and not saying anything then honestly, why even put this on youtube?? Cheers mates.

Sakura no Hana says:

What you saw on stage is called augmented reality (AR). You are recording reality and on screen you see the recorded reality, but with something added. Eg. virtual apple on table, furniture in empty room or dancing characters on stage. And program creating AR can also calculate where is this object in space (I guess by lines in space and by movement sensors in camera?). So when you move camera, virtual object stays on its place (apple sits on the exact same spot on the table, no matter where you are looking with camera), creating a feeling, that it is really there. Look for apps in smartphone, it is quite fun 🙂

henry pendle says:

At least try it again. Dont play by yourself. Play with your close friends that plays League

Sim Joseph Fernandez says:

Yep, you'd be head bangin' before you know it

츄 츄 says:

Music volume up please

realnaste says:

I can't help but try to judge how conscious of his hair line the guy on the right is…

Muskaan Bajwa says:

those characters are Evelynn, akali, ahri and kai'sa, this is a promotion for the k/da skins that you can buy and play in the game

Lalisa Oppa's wife says:

I can't stand MOBA and table top games… sorry. I'm all about FPS games. Overwatch and Destiny 2 are my current addictions that keep me up half the night. Throw in k-dramas and kpop and that about sums up my life 😩

Bình Harie says:

React POP/STARS – Opening Ceremony Presented by Mastercard | Final |2018 World

Ketchup says:

146 champions in league and 116 heroes in dota. The champions (skins) in the video were Akali (hat & pony tail), Ahri (9 tails), Kai'sa (wings) and Evelyn ( pink glasses)

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