Kane Brown – Check Yes or No (Forever Country Covers Series)

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Kane Brown covers George Strait’s 1996 CMA Song of the Year “Check Yes or No” in celebration of the #CMAawards50


Kitty. Kat489 says:

He’ll NEVER be as good as George!!!

jessica atkins says:

He sounds like george strait and thats a really huge compliment

SYOTOS 88 says:

Im a die hard George Straight fan and I can honestly say this cover blows. Reminds me of a semi drunk guy at karaoke night. Extremely mono tone and sounds like he is mumbling at times. I don't think its his style of country.

Brian Maurer says:

I'm glad to see this. One of my favorite songs from my favorite artists.

Shamerine Barber says:

He's too young for me, but my goodness he sings like a man.

Mersades Wilson says:

I love your songs Kane Brown

Daniel Smith says:

This song doesn’t fit his voice at all

Rajat singh says:

George would approve.

Rob Williams says:

I still think this guy is just a social experiment lol. He has a good voice but nothing out of the ordinary.

Carla Huff says:

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Marquis Aday says:

Checking yes!

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