Kevin Gates – Amsterdam (Rooftop Luv)

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William Drummond says:

This lil will.. everywhere we go she cause a traffic jam

TrashCanWaves says:

Should be a lot bigger than this song is

Roxanne rosegold Geyez Todd says:


lynn horton says:


Shannon Savage says:

πŸŽ―βœ”οΈβœ…like this song first time hearing it

Tarenisha Aqra says:

Yes Lord, All Well. Yes Madam Don

Funny Tiktoks says:

Only OGS know got it out the mudπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Michael Wyche says:


sMITEE t says:

2021. Still vibin

Eduardo Does it says:

Thanks Mr Gates, you helped me get through some of the hardest times of my life. Learned a lot from your music and glad to say the rainy days are over !!!!

GucciSaiyan 25 says:

Shout out Ry

Marcus Allison says:

First time hearing your song I was in My bubble Chevy man of feel some type away I just lean back and you say when you start swerving

Kareem Gilbert says:

Be safe out there gates look me up . trying to record with u

gigh rullo says:


Meezy Meez says:

lets go!! this my joint!!
~ #MEEZY 315$.

Qwency Valentino says:

Need this on iTunes already

King Banxx says:

Make 30000 dollars in one day

Young Dre says:

Why in the absolute fuck am i 2 months late when i waited a whole fuckin year for this song😭😭

Tiffany Jackson says:

Kevin Gates is sooo amazing!!!! I absolutely love this mans brains n lyical talent….

Anthony Mason says:

About time u put this out but all well πŸ™πŸΏ

Jonathan Jolley says:

I Thank God He Ain't Take The Most Talented Rapper Alive!!

Black Rhino says:

This guy clutch Williams is a fraud I sent this man money to promote my business and he never posted you can't have this level of platform out here scamming people out of money that shit bad for business this exactly why most blacks don't support each other…

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