Kevin Gates – Khaza (Official Video)

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Directed by BWA Films

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Steven Smith says:

Merkleues get in touch with

Ashar Ahmed says:

Waiting for the khaza album

Murda Rose Taylor says:

That truck clean asf doe lol now I know why I copped

Theoplas Mckee says:


Denni Mcmahon says:

2021 still a banger!!!

Aracely Munoz says:

Happy birthday gates 🦅 BWA forever 🦅❤️

Danisha Piper says:

You tall and you can't dress really yu annoying!.

Moses Gambino says:

The one of the hardest gates songs 💯💯💯

Paula Lomahaptewa says:


Bianca Durocher says:


Shiftking 222 says:

If you here at 2021 hit the like show love let’s show him we out here

Preston Kahn says:

When One flows with the beat like water; Perfection.

GantzInc ? says:

Breaking Bad 2020 bitch

Korey Nailon says:

This flow sound like another song from him but I can't find it anyone know what I'm talking about

Brandon Cichon says:

“Comin home to my apartment, finding my daughter dead
Then we put his kid in the oven
So now his daughter dead
Not a robbery this a murder…”


Marcus Collier says:

Power moves plans changed

Marcus Collier says:

Mcgyver alright

Marcus Collier says:

Good morning

savage Mike says:

Damn I'm old 😂😂remember when YouTube gave me the notification that Kevin gates dropped a song I was getting a money drop on gta😂😂

PrettyBoy Ken says:

That's a lite

PrettyBoy Ken says:

Honey Cocaine retweet all my tweets nigga watch it
Riff raff follow me on twitter nigga watch it 😤

Ray Washington says:

2020 still stupid retawdy

Marcos Hernandez says:

2020 in the road to #khaza album!!! Can’t wait!!

Shauna Schysm says:

Nothing like an independent, someone not bought to speak a fake truth but he is someone real speaking reality, an experienced truth. Never change who you are to fit another man's suit, wear your own.

Iconic303 says:

Bless up 🙏

Iconic303 says:

We lit🥁🎙🥁🎙🥁🎙

Joey Torres says:

I’m at y’all’s face like you n the phone screen🤪

ShottaMan 4.5 says:

On God‼️

craig jones says:

Definitely a movement!!!

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