Kevin Gates Trap Girl (Official Music Video)

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Shot and Edited by Cody Coyote Films
“In The MeanTime” available on I tunes


Lauryn Hall says:

who rockin w this in 2021? 🤩

Hasan Hasan says:

REAL FANZ OF KEV HERE 2021 and I’m only 21 👏🏽

katie phipps says:

Came a long way yes but this is Kevin gates at his finest if u ask me, u hear the hunger in his voice ? Shit I play more old kevin then new tbh. Still love him tho my favorite rapper hands down

h20 delirious fan says:

2021 Feb 13

Graydon Casey says:

You a real G if you hear in 2031

David Tygart says:

Yes I like muci

Mike Levaugh says:

They love me in the neighborhood I don’t have to hustle with the lesser magic wand out

Mike Levaugh says:

Lesser magic wand 51 silver get your gear while Fairbanks is open

BM films says:

2021???? Anyone

shyanne kilie says:

Anyone in 2021 still listening to this?😂💕

shyanne kilie says:

Bro Kevin needs more fame

Fish says:

Too much flow

1_shasta Manny says:

Nawl this that 2021

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