Key Glock – Word on the Streets (Audio)

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From the album “Yellow Tape”. Out now!

#KeyGlock #YellowTape #PaperRouteEMPIRE

Official audio by Key Glock from the album “Yellow Tape” © 2020 Paper Route EMPIRE


Nouha Bou says:

With if you with

Nouha Bou says:


Nouha Bou says:

God only know why or how or for what or why so then hn nh

Nouha Bou says:

Time be time for once sommhow owwww

Nouha Bou says:

Lets do this iy

Hyper VFX says:

that sax tho

Cowboy Stinky Sweat says:

" If The Boss man calls on you, Your job iz, Come thru. Hustling is a hard business.You chose this life , And remember this from very start, The Game was never fair to begin with, Everything is right and tight, Once the money is on the table. Everybody gets paid off. No beef , no bullshit. And that is what i will do.Begin greedy always kills the game. Everybody on the set will get caught and lose. Time in prison is no joke. Remember, it can happen to me and you too.Guilty by being there will be charged on the court of law. Your choice, Stay in or Get the out with your freedom. I trust you that you won't make a bad decision ever again. Think before you Stink." Nobody came here to you Otis in prison. Temptations is a real motherfucker. Be very wise on the descion you shall make one day. End Quote. You only go around once, Please dont jack that one up. " Rice And Beans, The Real Trouper."

Ashley Solomon says:

Word on the steets no cap this is 🔥

Bmw Balázs says:

Perfekt music 😎😎👌🏼🍀💵🥃

Mase Rides says:

This makes me feel like imma make a good life 🤣🤷‍♂️ like we making it good

Elinacab says:

my doggies feel attacked….


All I’m gonna say is 🔥

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