Key Glock x Moneybagg Yo Type Beat – "Sales" | Prod. By @Chad_G

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Key Glock x Moneybagg Yo Type Beat – “Sales” | Prod. By @Chad_G

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We’re just a couple of days away from getting Moneybagg Yo’s new 2 Heartless project, and we’re getting a preview of what we can expect on Valentine’s Day.
The Memphis rapper unveils the official 18-song tracklist for 2 Heartless, which recruits the likes of Yo Gotti, Lil Baby, BlocBoy JB, and Quavo as guest features. On the production side, Moneybagg Yo taps Southside, Tay Keith, DJ Swift, DMacTooBangin, Track Gordy, Javar Rockmore, Fuse, Javar Rockamore and more.
2 Heartless follows in the footsteps of his original Heartless mixtape, which also dropped on Feb. 14 last year. The 12-track project had guest features from both YFN Lucci and Lil Durk.
Moneybagg Yo previously dropped a collaboration mixtape with YoungBoy Never Broke Again called Fed Baby’s in November 2017, and has been following it up with a ton of loose tracks since then. He was also featured on Lil Baby’s Too Hard mixtape in December 2017.
Check out the official tracklist for Moneybagg Yo’s 2 Heartless project below to see what we can expect, and be sure to pre-order it on iTunes.
Moneybagg Yo’s 2 Heartless Tracklist

1. “Black Heart” ( Southside)
2. “Bigg Facts” ( DMacTooBangin)
3. “Bagg Move” ft. Quavo (prod. by Javar Rockamore,Fuse and Stonii The Melody God)
4. “Fed baby’s” (prod. by DJ Swift x Track Gordy)
5. “Still Don’t Kno” Feat. Yo Gotti (prod. by Southside)
6. “Ion Get You” (prod. by Javar Rockamore , Tay Keith and Fuse)
7. “Black Feet” Feat. BlocBoy JB (prod. by Javar Rockamore)
8. “Scars” (prod. by Zaytoven)
9. “Super Fake” (prod. by Tay Keith)
10. “FWM” Feat. Lil Baby (prod. by Javar Rockamore)
11. “Thoughts” (prod. by Track Gordy)
12. “Ask For” (prod. by DMacTooBangin)
13. “Break Da Internet” (prod. by Southside)
14. “Moneybagg Myers” (prod. by Javar Rockamore)
15. “Walker Holmes” (prod. by Track Gordy)
16. “Back Then” (prod. by Tay Keith)
17. “Perfect Bitch” (prod. by FUSE x Javar Rockamore)
18. “Secrets” (prod. by Ben Billions)


Young Dolph’s protege, Key Glock is shooting up the ranks of rising Memphis rappers. He returns with his latest offering, Glock Bond, via Dolph’s Paper Route Empire imprint.
Key goes for dolo on the new project, which features production from Tay Keith, Sosa 808, Teddy Walton, Ramy On The Beat and DJ Squeeky. Fans should already be acquainted with the previously-released cuts “Cocky” and “All I Kno Is Trap.” In addition, there are 14 more records including the interesting titles “Shun Kemp” and “Russian Cream” an ode to the popular Backwoods cigar flavor.
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“NO!! I’m not letting up on these lame ass rap niggas,” Key recently wrote on Instagram. “Imma keep applying this pressure.”

The artwork for the new tape features the Tennessee rapper donning an all-black suit, and holding a black rose in one hand and a money phone in the other, looking like a trap version of the famed international secret agent from which the mixtape gets its name.
Producers Teddy Walton, Sosa 808, Tay Keith and Ramy on the Beat, to name a few, lend their talents to the tape across the 16 tracks.

The new project serves as a follow up to Glock’s 2017 offering, Glock Season, which featured the standout, “Mamma Told Me.”

Listen to Key Glock’s new Glock Bond mixtape below or on iTunes.
Key Glock’s Glock Bond Tracklist

1. “Hot”
2. “Cocky”
3. “Big Glock”
4. “No Cap”
5. “Shun Kemp”
6. “Count Up”
7. “That’s Nothing”
8. “Nono”
9. “Russian Cream”
10. “Ball”
11. “Bad to the Bone”
12. “Ya Know”
13. “All I Kno Is Trap”
14. “How I Live”
15. “Feeling Myself”
16. “Racks Today” (Bonus Track)


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