King Von – Crazy Story (Official Instrumental) Real Beat Used in Song Prod. Macfly Beatz

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3Shot Josh says:

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benol_stepper says:

When you hit the bully back

Binkickin Oa says:

That mysterious anthem go hard on this


i wanna use it

Isaiah S says:

I been lurkin on a nigga block
Tryna get em popped
Steady lookin tryna find his doe
Let them hollows blow
Got a auto and the fuckin MAC
know he duckin that
I know that I’m smarter I know that I step harder (uhm)
If a nigga hidin send shots at his daughter

JardvarkTV says:

idk if its me but this beat sounds so similar too the stranger things intro

Jaiaunna Cannon says:

mans got me dissing people from 63rd and from georigia

Luvflowzy says:

I’m about to tell my crazy story , uh uh No cap freshman yeah used to smoke inside my class I had no fears , in the back I was passing that shit round to all my peers that one day a pussy boy was like aye lemme get one hit , I ain’t know em but I ain’t no bitch I let him do his shit passed it to em I thought he would hide it maybe cover his mouth check this out he ain’t hide it he just started puffin loud I’m like bro wtf you doing teacher funna see us he like shit passes it back to me like ain’t this about a bitch I went home next day I’m in class ofc a youngin stoned all a suddent 2 dudes walk inside they looking for me bro I’m like fuck I grab my shit we going to the principle walk inside it’s that same fuckboy he sittin and he crying goddamn it someone ratted on him so he ratted to now they in my pockets best believe they found that shit I’m screwed call my pops beat my ass when I get home my back was bruised moral of the story don’t share nothing unless they yo crew on god

xSlay says:

Bro im tryna find the beat for this a story cuz that beat goes hard

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