King Von – “Last Crazy Story” Feat. 1030Xhris (Official Audio) @083DRILLAS

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083DRILLAS says:

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King OfNY says:

Damn bro u left us too soon I was vibing with u since that breakfast club interview with Durk I ain't like these bitch ass fans who rides the wave of dead rappers , shit man I listened to every song u was like my big bro the hardness in ur songs is something rare man it was the toughness the hardcore raps that made me a fan plus ur story telling ability more than all of that u was a real ass nigga u stand on what u say it's fuck the opps until they die shit man u earned my respect RIP to the 2pac of this generation

King OfNY says:

" If u ain't see him than he dead cuz can't no grow man come up missing " damn von RIP man you was that nigga fr fr

zeez says:

Fire 🔥 I got you with that like 👍

Izze twotwo says:

Disrespectful naming it “last”🤦🏽‍♀️

Mishun Mckinney says:

ion konw what got into da ni**a he was yappin in da mouth foe nem had to shoot da n

cutvhs says:

Ayo I make edits too my insta @omgpeexz._ hmu we can do calleb or some shit

Chevy suburban says:

King von never missed

Dope says:

Last Crazy story Instrumental Version plz 💯

Dee Dagoat says:

Von I wiss you

soimjusttaa soimjusttaa says:

6 is the last crazy story btw this just 5 lmfao they didnt say this was 5 they just said this was last crazy story this crazy story 6 its unreleased von said he already got 5 and 6 but i didnt release them yet on his ig

Ozdal Kizilgoez 24 says:

Longlive V.Roy 🕊🕊💔💔

Astro Montana says:

RIP FOR 64 & 65 But Your Not From 63rd

Isaac Garcia says:

It's not the same without the vid😔

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