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Kodak Black – Calling my spirit – Instrumental Prod By Altessdopebeat

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they calling calling!!!

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


this account says:

bro this fit perfectly with my song thank you so much like fr this some fire 🔥🔥🔥😩👌🏾

Manny Jackson says: i used the beat but i shouted u out brooo

Ace The Creator says:

Pull up n flex in the bape

I am no hero bitch

do u see cape?

i will not save you

i just want the cake

Im drownin in water i feel like a lake

i pump on the gas

give a fuck bout the breaks

we do alot, but we dont make mistakes

we lettin off shots, if you come wit complaints

They callin me kanye

im climbin the ranks

you gon get shanked

gettin this money like asap

buyin new chain like im shabba ranks

you gon get tanked if you pullin a blank

we smoke on that stank till we stiff like a plank

Im pipin it up

she throwin it back right after she suck

she tellin me lies an im callin her bluff

she look in my eyes say she want me to cuff

I told her nah cus enough is enough

Double my cup n then muddy it up

you smellin the gas, before we show up

alla these fiends, they wanna be us

shoot like an ace
Get the fuck outta my face
I keep a glock on my waist
wanna talk shit you get put in yo place
they callin me tay-k im doin the race
you cannot play me
im always in play
and you cannot change me
cause i stay the same

roddy that rich
I gotcho bitch on my dick
that raw i been servin it quick
you gon get hit like a lick
you say you been servin them bricks
we pull up suburban stole all that shit
now you just talkin yo shit
now you just talkin yo shit

you think that you safe
till you got a blade in yo face
we gon pull up to yo place
take whatchu got while evadin the jakes
we do not make no mistakes
we do not make no mistakes

Theazy Hunnit says:

I was sittin back pourin up smokin blunt
Think bout all the times baby
Like how we met in school
And our first time datin
Back then man it was so cool
But now the times changin
And I know I was a fool
And it was hard days an young trappin out my grandma’s basement
Started rhyming in the middle of the pavement
Spit flows bout the girls that we wasted
Spray paint and a fridge full of chasa’s
Tally room for the kids that are faded
Hot boxes in the mini van crazy
Go crazy bitch go crazy …. tbc

TG_cory -_- says:

My guy made this beat waay better

Kamal Humphrey says:

Dope let’s collab

GKNOX865 says:

Best version…

Casey Brown says:

You that nigga I’m gone take off

Young Moreeno says:

want use it

Treebender117 says:

bruh how did you get that guitar?

RayoProd says:

neat, mind sending me the stick perc replacing the clap?

Milan Luis says:

dope, just wrote like 60 bars on this beat, appreciate you putting it out.

D3CADE says:

Can i use this?

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