LaBritney Opening for Teyana Taylor and Brings out Kashdoll

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LaBritney opended up at Teyana Taylors KTSE tour stop in Detroit
Performing her hits Actin Funny and FWU


Stirletta Garrett says:


Lynette Ford says:

Ha labritney what the words to the song acting funny

Most wanted Daily says:

Kash doll and Dolph would look Bomb together !!!!

Tevanna Yahya says:

Damn sis you have a 15 year old ? You look no older than 21

Sha-RondaT says:

Just to clear it up BabE! Hollywood is NOT I repeat is NOT LA (period) we are not the same Hollywood is the land of weirdos fake ass celebrities that's NOT LA Boo! 💙 Los Angeles Los Scandalous Los Angels. Hollywood is a whole nother city!

Nina NoImNotEasy Good says:

I love me some Teyana Taylor..and it is rare that women in the industry come together…this a new wAve

arabion knights says:

15 minutes of fame..

Sherry Outlaw says:

She did her own make up and hair…then they fanning themseves…where is the glam team and the A.C at. ijs

Nica B says:

Yessssss I love all these talented women 👏💕

lisa sutton says:

LaBritney is more talented than Teyana. Teyana has a brick house body but a face like a bull dog.

Bonafide Mami says:

They was LIT😍 #blackgirlsrock

vibing high wins says:

So reall 💛💛 love it

Jasmine Farr says:

I honestly love these 3 women .!!! That show was amazing

Mya H says:

I just fell in love with Brit mannnn this is good shit supporting other black women is where its at we have so many against us even our own men at times only way to get to the top is to build and stand strong we stand tall on each other’s shoulders holding each other up ain’t nothing that can tear us down we gotta stick together….it’s the only way I see it 😊

Weston K. says:

What song was TT performing

Holly The Dopestress says:

la brittney and kash gave me chills their chemistry is genuine as hell on that stageeee

Ooh Tyrone says:

Damn that La’ Britney girl reminds me of “Goodies” Ciara… She cute af, I gotta check her music out

kj says:

I’m not feeling how lhhh got her lookin

ervin johnson says:


Shawnee Leggitt says:

She look like CiCi but wayy prettier


Prey God continues to bless y’all 🙏🏾

Monique Cruickson says:

Congrats I love seeing black women love and support each other #AmazingGoddesses

Fibonacci Brown says:

Love! D-Girls! Nothing like a Detroit women. Rep our city!!!

Love says:

My bitch Kashdoll🙌🏻

Mirroring Mii says:

Much Respect to the Artist and they support team.💜💎

Lps says:

Yessss Ciara! She really does 💕 I’m loving that hit with Kash Doll y’all repping lol LOVE FROM HOUSTON

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