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“Laugh Now Cry Later” by Drake and Lil Durk but it’s LoFi Hip Hop

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)


Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Syn Beats says:

Hope y’all fw this

I plan on doing beats for Tjay, Jack Harlow, and maybe Fivio for their XXL freestyles

Tyler Hudson says:

Syn at 195K rn 👀

Mitchell Parron says:


Lil DriPz ` says:

Da goat of beats and thumbnails

Keenan Bartjes says:

Drop was perfect for a heavy trap beat. Hope you do another version of this one. Dope shit my g 👌🏽🔥

RanMind YT says:

This is fire

Flaming Bacon says:

The top comment just proves how far you've come Syn Beats. We're proud of you homie 🙏🏽 Keep it going

Mike Zero Ω says:

That Drake thumbnail has me dead AF 🤣🤣👍

Jene Brooks says:

If you can make a song into something totally different just by changing the beat and adding a piano and other effects your an true artist. ❤ no cap

Jene Brooks says:

If riding through New York in the winter with the Timbs on were a song And your ex just sent you " ❤"

Bryan Ortega says:

yu da goat 🔥 do sleepy hallow

Wave says:

Quick question: I want to put this in a video and credit you but do you have any issues with copyright when you post these

Kaio imp says:

lil durk verse issa vibe

Faeth says:

He had 1.8k when he made this song…

Chani HB says:

I just wanna say, this man has blessed us. Thank you 🙌🏽

RK Productions says:

This would be more awesome if there was a huge base drop🔥🔥

Albert says:

tbh it does not sound that good

prod. dopamine says:

This man a goat🐐

Young Mando says:

bro this gives me vibes thanks for that amazing remix tho

Erik Tran says:

I don’t even like the OG song but this goes hard 🔥

Heisenberg says:

bro am so sad that i didnt know u before today that was a waste of life u so talanted man keep it up

K F says:

Do you just put the preset on Maximus to lofi

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