Lil Durk Live Concert 3/13/2021

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Jacksonville Fl


M66di says:

What’s that first song

Lauren Redd says:

wtf is the song playing before he come out lol

Von Withaplan says:

Durk stay forgetting his lyrics 😂😂

Liondra Ponder says:

Damn I Wish I Had Gotten A Chance To See Von Preform Live…… At Least We Got Durkio! And If A Nigga Touch Him…. On Me Ima Slide My White Ass Across The Country From Medford, OR To Alanta Or Wherever The Fuck The Opp Is And Walk Em Down. #DoIt4Von

Eddie Cash says:

Whats the second song??

Loofer says:

Was the song playing before he performed

Ca’Daja Shernese says:

I love this man 😩😩🥰

Cameron Corhen says:

What song was playing when they walked in?

Foguetão says:

Que música e essa que toca com 1:20 do vídeo do show

Syncere Frm38 says:

The crowd dead ahh hell 😭😭


What’s the first song??

Georgia Lewis says:


Ana Cruz says:

Dead ass concert lolololol🤣🤣🤣🤣

Malique Pruitt says:

Mailque Pruitt Lil dork

cor1121 says:

U def ain't bout to come shoot jersey up 🗣🗣 U GOT CAP IN YOUR RAP 😂😂😂


I still believe we’re (Melanoids) immune to that shi


It was lit that night

Dracodakiddd 4x says:

You skipped one of the best songs

Chago says:

crowd lame as hell

Rémy Mukoko says:

First song ?

Malia Smith says:

That audience was not it. I would of been louder than everybody in that room!😂😂😂

swayzo says:

the guy on white T feelin he owned the whole concert than DURK Lmao

Flek Rehab says:

No wonder they shot up the place…

Gareth de-Witt says:

This is just crap why even put it up

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