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Lil Mosey in the studio with Diablo

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Lil Mosey in the studio with producer and DJ “Diablo” and “Old Town Road” Producer “Young Kio”

Lil Mosey is a rapper from the pacific northwest with viral hit songs “Blueberry Faygo” & “Noticed” , Stuck in a Dream (Feat. Gunnna) taking over the the scene right as one of the youngest to do it.
He is currently working on his up and coming album.

This video was Shot in Los Angeles California and Directed by:
Sebastian Baldeon

Youtube : @Lil Mosey
Instagram :@LilMosey

Instagram :@Diablo
Tik Tok : Diablosworld

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters
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Do you like Mama India [Reloaded] (StoneBridge Mix)?

Woah this is amazing! Not bad


Janh wallace says:

Zeze remix uff🔥

Rudra says:

Song name??

Sebas RCA says:

que orgullo verlo a Diablo colaborando con los grandes
orgullo ecuatoriano ❤❤❤ EC en la casa

Jswag3p says:

7:15 peep how shorty in the blonde was tryna twerk to the beat drop but was shakin her back😭😂💀

Soe Zarni Tun says:

drop my way fam

King says:

That beat at 0:25 is too hard is it just for the intro ?

Abbas says:

Love this video make more

Aaliyah Charles says:

Maybe I can become famous to like the way he singing an songing like he's eating up his words lemme try
Me:hmmm mhh uhhmm fcfytvvtvvtvutvytvutgtv

Lil Mosey says:

My way is a guaranteed hit

Carson Jase says:

lil mosey is white sussy balls

Ebony Rochon says:

They be having fun in the studio !!

DBG says:

When was this filmed?

Mdemi says:

can’t believe he did that shit with them girls bruh

Bankroll Pino says:


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