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Lil Peep’s first posthumous album, ‘Come Over When You’re Sober Pt. 2,’ was released in early November. His label dropped the project’s third and final single, “Life is Beautiful” ahead of its release. Although Peep’s recent singles, “Cry Alone” and “Runaway,” both addressed heavy topics like drug use and loneliness, “Life is Beautiful” stands out by offering a single, lengthy verse contrasting the pains of the world with the repeated phrase that doubles as the song’s title. Smokeasac, the executive producer of the album, handles production on the track.

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JMoney SnD says:

um why didn't yall just do it when he was still alive bc this songs been out forever now… fake peep fans

Hectic Gods says:

i love how genius also has the same guy do all the vids for peep

Kokku says:

Stop milking peeps death…

steven li says:

Wow I can't believe Lil Peep came back from the dead to make this Genius video. Such a dedicated artist

dragonscope 57 says:

Hey I like what you've done but your statistics are wrong get a better source I debate topics like that all the time even tho police brutality is a serious thing it's not only black people who get it there have been two times as many white people die at the hand of an officer since 2018 started

Dan Salansky says:

stfu you stupid fuckers peep was poisoned it was not an accidental overdose

Bsnsns hjssjj says:

How the fuck can u dislike this ?


Originally this was just called “life” and didn’t feature a lot of background instrumental. It’s here on YouTube and it’s more simple in my opinion

Sombria Wolf says:

Uh didn’t he die in 2016

ijwb says:

police kill a disproportionate amount of blacks because they commit the most crime you fucking tool


1. This is an old song so how is this a "new single" 2. Peep isn't even alive anymore to explain the meaning of these lyrics. Smh just another guy trying to get views off peeps name it's really ashamed

Ninja Studios says:

Sorry to get off topic but, at 1:43 that is not true. I mean look at the graph. I am not a racist person but The majority your proof states is incorrect. The majority is not black according to the chart, it is actually white.

Angery Boi says:

u only got one thing wrong… he died 15th nov. not 16th

Marina Rodriguez says:

Isn't Gustav beautiful? …
I think that Gustav is beautiful….🌹🐣✨💔💖💖💖

jsg040 says:

We here experiencing some legendary shit happening.

X Dreyer says:

let me explain life is beautiful
this is smokeasac's song
search: "lil peep – life" if you wanna hear peep's song with a real peep vibe and not this smokeasac bullshit

Venemocity says:

Im sick of dumb cunts thinking cops are racist

Baptized In Fire says:

the original version is better

stringtheoryOW says:

As beautiful as this song is, it’s just some we live in a society shit

Chick3n Sn1kerz says:

Do people not know that he didn't die of overdose

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