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Lil Pump after his success with side tracks like Drȕg Addicts & ESSKETIT has finally after a few delays released his new mixtape titled HARVERD DROPOUT! Lets see what he can deliver.

Lil Pump – HARVERD DROPOUT Full Mixtape
01. Drop Out
02. Nu Uh
03. I Love It ft Kanye West
04. ION (feat. Smokepurpp)
05. Fasho Fasho (feat. Offset)
06. Racks on Racks
07. Off White
08. Butterfly Doors
09. Too Much Ice (feat. Quavo)
10. Multi Millionaire (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
11. Vroom Vroom Vroom
12. Be Like Me (feat. Lil Wayne)
13. STRlPPER NAME (feat. YG and 2 Chainz)
14. Drg Addicts
15. Esskeetit
16. Who Dat

Best Tracks – ESSKEETIT/ION/Be Like Me

Worst Tracks – Who Dat/Vroom Vroom Vroom/Fasho Fasho/Off White/Nuh Uh

Thanks for watching & have a great day


Zstriker14 says:

He said get smoked like a juul

Lt TripitZ says:

7:45 i fucking died 😂😂😂

Sinalo Mlindi says:

Finally got that nike sponsor?

Trev Szn says:

Can you let the songs play a little longer?

Axel C says:

how tf does he not realize lil pump is a god damn genius look at how much money he makes from this entire persona why would he ever stop?

Axel C says:

shawn cee is a hater

TH3 R4V3N says:

Why do you only have 486k subs for your content you should have way more faaaak ur so good man

TH3 R4V3N says:

MAte ur edits are the best 😀

Edelic says:


Mikey Estrada says:

Yo best part of this video is 14:57 shit is dumb fire 🔥

cure says:

Wow Shawn is using an iPad now 😯

Scott Sanders says:

Lil Pump can't read but he can rap to a beat perfectly. Lil Pump God Level 100.

Roarsarch201 • says:

this shit is ass

Manuel Delgadillo says:

He did not say Pouya, come on man

AndrewDeanoX says:

I hope Pump is either trolling or is smart, but knows stupid sells. I can't be that stupid, so maybe I should take some drugs and make money off crap music too.

GJ says:

ok cool shawn but die lit AOTY 2019

Victor Jimenez says:

Not related Shawn how do you put the records on the wall? I’m trying to a similar thing with my records and I’m not sure how to thanks.

Devon Gutierrez says:

You put 3/10 my guy. You gotta correct it to 3 + 10 before people notice.

Mista says:

Bro lil pump is him yelling

The Angry Guy says:

Vroom Vroom Vroom (feat. Chief Keef & 21 Savage)

Who Dat (feat. Gucci Mane)

The features would’ve been better.

Interesting Interesting says:

21 savage is a hogwarts dropout

Lil Jew says:

So multi millionaire has been out for like 2 months and racks on racks has been out for like 2 weeks how have you not heard them

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