Lil Tjay – Calling My Phone Ft 6LACK (unreleased song)

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#LilTjay #Unreleased #47 ON TRENDING


Lil Tjay says:

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matteyt! says:

this is art💫

ScavTwoTimez says:

here after release

Unreleased Lil Tjay says:

Full version here

Mini Mal says:

Do u guys know when the actual released song comes out?

oj2k says:

this is so fireee

Rosalvggiea bskrSanchez says:

Lil tjay please like my commet 😭😭😭😭😭😭

gfuel VeRnZ says:

this is fire

LucaFrotz says:

Remember me damn😍

Mahakal says:

Song drops tmr

Troythelilboy says:

Song is leaked now

Shiestylildude says:

This song go different 🔥🔥🔥

Frederick Foltyn says:

Oh shit the song is 🔥

薩利·賽義德 says:

This is what i needed😌

elby says:

12/2 feat 6lack 🔥🔥

Jekdj Jejkd says:

When is the realise date?

Jimmy says:

When is this song officially coming

King says:

it's on spotify: calling my phones from OBE Boog
Thank me later

maybevanesa says:

okkkk but when is thi gonna drop cause i need it in my life

Lil Savage says:

Bro you need to drop dat shit cuz it hits hard asf

Joseph _ 74 says:

This song slaps 🔥

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