Maybe It’s Me… – DDG

πŸ‘πŸΎ01. Famous
πŸ‘πŸΎ02. Love For Sale
😴03. Trynna Link
πŸ‘πŸΎ04. Rambo
πŸ†—05. Hands On Me
πŸ†—06. Rizz
🌊07. Pioneer
πŸ”₯08. Hard On Myself
🌊09. I’m Geekin f. NLE Choppa & BIA [Remix]
πŸ†—10. I’m Geekin f. Luh Tyler
😴11. I’m Geekin
πŸ†—12. This Summer

Nothing screams forced more than a project having a song on it 3 times, and each other version just has a different feature. Shouldn’t have been called a remix. Project is meh. Its a very weak attempt at accepting being toxic and kind of just rinse and repeating toxic shit that at this point we’ve heard in bunches but also executed way better. The production is mid, the pacing was mid, highkey ruined by that 3 piece before the end. He slides and isnt doing anything bad its just slightly above average mainly because of the quality and its super repetitive using all those industry words that white parents probably repeat embarrassingly to ruin it for they kids at home. Boring, unmotivated with decent quality and a few features. Nothing worth looping or going back to really. Outside of that one track where he rap raps on some truly honest shit that happened to him. I’d pass on this one.
Project: 4/10 || Art: 4/10 – John D. @DDGMusicChannel