Meek Mill ft. Drake – Amen ***L.R. Whitfield – CHRISTIAN REMIX***

National playwright L.R. Whitfield responds to Meek Mill’s blasphemous song “Amen” with a remix.

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Lord, I just wanna thank you for boldness
Give me the courage to tread and trample on serpents
Let this song go forth and bless somebody
This is for the Body of Christ y’all, so let the church say Amen

And when the saints fall up in the building (Amen)
Real preachers speaking words of healing (Amen)
Let our faith rise to the ceiling (Amen)
I tell the Lord ‘xactly what I need planting my seeds and it’s at Church (Preach)
I feel anointing in the Church (Preach)
Catch me living in the Church (Preach)
Not just on Sunday I’m the Church (Ahh, Preach)

Meek, Drake, and Jeremih got up in a booth
Assassinated my Faith like John Wilkes Booth
I’m about to knock this out the park, call me Babe Ruth
The song Amen is blasphemy, I speak the truth
Music getting on nerves, going from bad to worse
I’mma flip it in reverse and make a blessing from a curse
Order Satan a hearse, when lyrics are perverse
Went from writing plays to sixteens, Madd like the magazine demons disperse
The Bible says Meek shall inherit the earth
But Matthew 5:5 don’t refer to the dude named Robert at birth
It hurts when brothers and sisters who were raised in the church
Sell they souls, Satan I bet you got your money’s worth
I’m banging for the blood, get off my turf
Using Christian sayings, why you playing change up your words
Change for the Word, when that occurs
You’ll be Amen for real, give it up, forfeiture


I took your track and sanitized it
Better yet I baptized it, sanctified it
Made a case with the lower g, put the big G on it, no disguising it
I’m a playwright so I’m dramatizing it
I love you bro so I’m chastising it
Satan plans I’m re-devising it
I’m blowing him up I’m terrorizing it
Switch yo side I’m advising it
The end is near there’s no hiding it
You going through life just joy riding it
Don’t let it catch you by surprise when
The trumpet sounds you wide eyed’ing it
I won’t layoff no downsizing it
‘Til you finally realize you spiritually compromising
I see you leading our children deeper
Deeper like the Grim Reaper
Hey, I’m my brother’s keeper
Wake up cause you a sleeper
Now rise like it was Easter
And become a God seeker
God sent me just to teach ya to become a little meeker, hey
Living for Him don’t make you weaker
He’ll take yo pain and be a reliever
Gone and breakaway from the deceiver
Don’t be damned like a beaver
Damned to hell let me reach ya
God’s so hot catch the fever
Y’all and Christ on a track, YOLO there’s no better feature