Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj’s “Hot Girl Summer” Explained | Song Stories

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Megan Thee Stallion turned “Hot Girl Summer” into a lifestyle this season, and she’s finally delivered its soundtrack. Her new single, “Hot Girl Summer,” has arrived with features from Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. Production is handled by The Bone Collector, Crazy Mike, and Juicy J. The song is built around a sample of City Girls’ “Act Up.”

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Delisa Shannon, Associate Producer
Jacques Morel, Senior Correspondent
Hillary Crosley Coker, Senior Producer
Russel Abad, Associate Producer

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Ed Boy says:

Idk how this blew up this song was ass

Esethu Tsoanyane says:

You ain’t put me in no brands – but I see you PRADA me 🔥😭

Lilii Pie says:

Guys, I saw todoroki… and now I’m lost….. help?

J Rod says:

U guys saw what was on number 1 on billboard😂

SwissCheese Bliss says:

Megan over here lookin like Todoroki

just Hunter says:

We got the female todoroki in the thumbnail lol

ThatBoyKS says:

Which kinda girl y’all want
City Girl or A Hot Girl 🤔

Joe Dorado says:

Toderoki is that you

s h says:

Songs trash

Gator Gaiter says:


Winter Morgan says:

Is it just me or does anybody else love Megan thee stallions todoroki wig

Lachlan Cope says:

City boys still winning

Solarfix says:

Bro revenge #1 CREEPER

Skinnie says:

no lil duval???

Chase fuller says:

Captainsparklez really at number one 🤦‍♂️

Ahmir’s Art says:

Yall wrong for using that picture of nicki

Arktik says:

revenge still miles ahead of every other song on genius

Skrek Queen says:

Why does megan have todoroki hair style lol

Tony Mo says:

All we need is Nicki to dress up like Uraraka

Cat Lover says:

Thanks for this info.. 👍

Ba ba says:

I don't know who these people are besides Niki. They sure do got my attention with this track tho as it's jammin 💃👌💃👌!!!!!#onrepeat#ThatPART

Aaron2realprod says:

Need upcoming artist to rap on my fire new beats 🔥💫

Angel Y says:

2:30 is my favorite verse because it’s literally me !!!!!

CyberHunter Gaming says:

Who is this beautiful dread head? I’m a real yard man so she definitely caught my eyes

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