Merkules – ''Whats Poppin Remix'' (Jack Harlow)

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Got bored and had to go in on the ”Whats Poppin” beat!


Mixed & Mastered by Nato
Reproduced by PUDA
Shot by Pops
Edited by Lil Windex


Richard Martinez says:

Love The Hat like your music

Donovan Carriker says:

Was good and all… And no trying to take anything away from Merk… Not at all,… But after hearing Dax version and then hearing this, Dax got him all day… I know it's not a competition… Both hot but Dax gets game point on this one bro

Tyler Lentini says:

You really should of hopped in that song and did a ft that shit was heat 🔥🔥🔥🧨

Tony Weeks says:

Yo my man Merk you should do a remix to “war ready” by Dada1k

Alex Smith says:

When he said “hit after hit after hit” I lost my kid

Brandyn Wells says:

I love you merk, one of my favorite, but. Waune just dropped and damn man I'm sure even you was like shit.

Nathan Edward says:

Meek has more views on this remix then subscribers!!!

Al Powell says:

keep it candain right ….. if you wanna go hard pick a real life battle / /

Mickaela Hanson says:

Get it 🔥🔥🔥

Progamer 10191 says:

Man just yeeted day the beer in the intro

Brandons Harracksinghp says:

Dawg. I'm from Trinidad but to me you sound better than most of these rappers out here

Deli G says:

Merk feeling like a champ, wit that cap on!!!!

Hamish McGregor says:

🔥 < enough said.

Truckin Taco says:

Out of all the "MC"that remixed this Merc is one of the cap

Nick Hood says:

Merkules makes music for dudes who yell at their girl in public.

Steve Brown says:


Dim Jong Un says:

This guy is so fucking dope it's unreal. Fuck

Aaron Brown says:

Dayum… Canada str8 dangerous with the lyrics

Brooks Toso says:

21 beers in and listening to this shit. goods

n3wt n3wet says:

This man the Joyner Lucas of the south.

GokuTheSauce God says:

Trash copy cat

Spazz Out says:

If you confess with your tongue that Jesus is Lord and you believe that the father raised him from the dead you will be saved.

Tucker Bearden says:

That face he makes at the end is the best part of the video 🤣

James Barrett says:


Scott Thrall says:

Don’t be 💤 ON MERKULES!! STOMP DOWN KILLER!!!!!!!!!!’

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