MGK Punched and Harassed By Eminem Fans While Performing

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At a concert recently MGK was performing and as he was walking through the crowd, many audience members were not happy with him and flicked him off and one guy even took a swing at him. This is possibly due to his beef with Eminem, or maybe people really just dont like him, but more likely because of his beef with Eminem.


Joey Valladared says:

Pussy!!!! Should of hit back

O Coruja says:

You think: oh! must be a young man doing things as a young man, having hate and tudom, but no! is a guy with a child mentality ;-;

We are the number one says:


hella nice song

Destroyer Gaming says:

Hahaha Got Punch you Bitch …… haha get react mothafaka

Viktoh 332 says:

im eminem fan but, if they hate mgk, why the fuck go to his concert only to say "fuck you"

Dom Parrish says:

Literally him & one security guard & no one did a thing lol

space vermin says:

Bought a ticket to your concert just to come to whip your ass – Slim Shady

Marder- B.T.K says:


Spooking says:

Really shows how mature most Eminem fans are

Shane Daniels says:

Sorry but if you ride a celebrities dick so hard that you literally try beefing with their celebrity rivals… you kind of wack as fuck. lol. That is straight embarrassing. Pull the dick out yo mouth boy.

Idayg Kumya says:

I would certainly do same maybe more than that happily.. Duh

BiG JuiCe says:

Only if he didn't have bodyguards around his skinny body! It's over with!😂

Greg Briggs says:

Wow!….u have 2 b a SERIOUS f-n tool ( not 2 mention 0.000.000 of a social life…..of ANY kind)2 go 2 some1s show just 4 the purpose of displaying what a asshole u r. So, Congratulations! Ur a miserable human being! Take a bow.

Jenniffer Adolphson says:

What a bitch boy you know youre a true hater if you go pay to see someone just to start shit bitch ass move

Jenniffer Adolphson says:

Haters be leaders not followers If u can't come up cause people are on eminems nuts it's pathetic cause MGK is bad ass he's universal Eminem is in one lane only and MGK can sing rap and play guitar if you can't appreciate it's cause u hate

jacklyn layne says:

I hope everybody on here that's shit talking is getting shit talked about them I hope someone straight ruins your names. Like y'all ain't got nothing else to do but hate on someone. Lol get a life. 👏 just saying

Shamith Shetty says:

I would do the same!LOL!

Caroline Mitchell says:

Sorry but mgk is just a wanna be Eminem also thats not Eminem 😂😂

Brutal combo says:


lyomon says:

Ahahaahahaha right in the nuts…i dont like him but atleast the should respect the act

Kato says:

Who is this motherfucker with the middle finger? For makinge laugh that hard I will PayPal $5 dollars

MemoriesDestroyUs says:

Fuck mgk. He did it to himself

ŁØÇØ PMA says:

He bearly touched him but ok

Shit english

Cristo Cola Digita'al says:

I am starting to feel sorry for him

divi filius Augustus says:

What a punch of spergs. You are going to assault a person because you don't like that he made fun of your idol?

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