Mike Posner- Rocket Man Ft. Bun B (The Layover Nov 20th)

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Mix tape drops November 20th 2011

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Mike Posner At Night, Alone.
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Michael Fuentez says:

Here 6yrs later

Legendary Niwatori says:

Bun B came in on that beat like Germany invading Poland

ClutchOutBrakeout says:

Yooooo can you pleaseee put this song on Amazon music

Ahmed Fahmy says:

Oufff.. This is shameful. An amazing classic, ruined.. Sorry Elton John!

Tejas Dabholkar says:

U had gav background music for bugatti vs slr vs avantador. I like dat more than this

Samiya Lioness says:

Californication brought me here.

Nicholas Wolfe says:

not going to lie family guy brought me here

August08 says:

crazy song!

Justin Green says:

he killed this shit.. bun b too!

GiBBY Martinez says:

Mike Posner!! Keep up the Good Work Bro!! 1000%!!

MenserFamily says:

you sing like a girl

Vinnamese says:

You're totally on point!

TheSeawolf277 says:

you got me!

TheSeawolf277 says:

that moment when noone gave a fuck :O

Blake Pesek says:

Bun B has such a sick part in this. And Hes just as big as Mike. Hes not doing a favor.

Sky says:

yea he has a gay voice, but he gets more females than you. so what does that make you look like ? solve the problem

ReddPriceSmith says:

While you make an excellent point you forget that Elton John used, you know, actual talent when he wrote this song. That's why this cover is sub-par, at best.

GovVision says:

that moment when I was in the studio when this was made

jickyli_fitness says:

you suck. elton john is more of a man than you

slu069 says:

Shockmansion video brought me here…..

Brian Hunt says:

sooo unbelievably better than elton johns gay ass version no pun intended lol

drowsytaco says:

was it the one where he was riding in a skatepark?

Greatmoose says:

man i had this track in my head for days,been looking for it for days,,herd it on some motocross video,,and damn its good.

pcparlor says:

your opinions sound the best in your head keep em there

Walker Evans says:

how come everyone who sings this song is gay?

Lisa Littleton says:

such a good song

Antoinette Butler Lou'Lou says:

Love it……love it….love it!

armarock92official says:

Only came here for Bun B

Matt Garcia says:

his voice fits so perfectly when he sings "and i'm gonna be hiiiiiiigh…"

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