Mooski – Track Star (Live Session) | Vevo Ctrl

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Mooski – Track Star – Live Session | Vevo Ctrl.

Commitment is key. Mooski knew that when his story of a lover running from a relationship became a hit. But is “Track Star,” which began as a TikTok fave and quickly became mainstream radio mainstay, about a particular gal? “I definitely try to pull from real experience in my life,” says the Alabama native. “I can tell a story better when I can dig in deep and give people something they can really connect with.” Wise words. One would expect a certain amount of depth from an ex-Marine. After an honorable four years of service, Darien Hinton returned to music as Mooski. Thanks in large part to the viral nature of the digital world, things have quickly fallen into place – his audience is growing monthly. Mooski says gospel music was a major influence too, and an obvious passion prompts his “Track Star” vocals in this fervent Ctrl performance.



Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Director: Bram VanderMark
Coordinating Producer: Averi Smith
Director of Photography: Skyler Brown
Editor: Andrew Ros
Music & Talent: Cynthia Todd & David McTiernan

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Shinaka Kagauki says:

I got a ad of track star before this

naturalmystic1 says:

Real music 🎶 is back on the menu folks 😎

Maleah Hunt says:

Dam your vids be fine🥵

Frank Blackshear says:

God bless those who goin through it I am ,32yrats an she wants to leave

Antho C says:

Man I remember our late night trips to Greenville and you would sing and freestyle the entire way! My G! I knew you would make it! So fucking proud of you man

FateAndFurie says:

He has such a beautiful voice. I hope he makes it far 🌠

Bugee says:

Do you guys hear that they keep on turning off the autotune and then turn it up

Quonte X says:

89 dislikes just shows you no matter a brother talk about it will always be a problem!
Brother say you following your heart but you leaving one dam

Cece Hughes says:

Yes vocals love this!

Johnny Jean baptiste says:

She's always trying to track song she's always trying to get star she's alone this song help me reach 3K before 2022

Calen Richardson says:

When are you coming back to opp?

-Over Everything- -O E ent- says:

He just put my whole life in a song 🤦🏾‍♂️

Young Lando Official says:


Ellwilla Jones says:

Ay I see you kid jamming keep it up 👍

marquell jones says:

That boy from tiktok @cityboycj def was the one that made this guy

Sergio Grate says:

No auto tune here boy🏃

xxsnipez7xx clips says:

Such a beautiful song ❤️

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