Mooski – Track Star ~SLOWED~

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-Cash app-$SoundVibes
-Only If y’all fw the vibes^

And I would like if you guys commented what songs y’all would like me to either slow or speed up!


OfficialTBKW Gang says:

Damn this shit slide even better slowed🤩🔥🔥‼️

Annai'Zai Ingram-Cross says:

dis deserve so much hype .

Rell Williams says:

Bihh fye🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mackenzie Mccall says:

its the"oH WoW'' that ill never get tired of

dababekiadrea says:

"iaiaiaiaiaia give u whatever u desire she's a runner she a track Star she gon run away wen it gets hard"😭🦋 ..

CjFrom727 says:

I’m the 1000 like🥂😁

Latrell Lowe says:

I'm gonna sacrifice my soul to become the greatest rapper to have ever been born…… Nah I'm playing, I'm just sleepy ASF

Alex Joseph says:

This song on repeat. Lyrics speaks volume 🔥🔥🔥

Shawanza Gardner says:

Love this😝😍😘

Vasega Tili says:

“Girl u tweakin😔”

Destiny Thompson says:

I am in love with this

Dj King says:

Love is game you use to cheer for

Jaelah Whitehead says:

Imagine having a make out session to this bih 🤤

Kiani Allen says:

This version so harddd🔥🔥

SmoothAzzSlicka Sas says:

No way I'm getting tired of listening to this song ever 🔥💔👍🏿

Niyah Dagoat says:

Yessuh dis fye rite hea no cap

Tacara Irby says:

OMM THIS HARD SLOWED!!! 🔥🔥 WHY U NOT UP YET U DESIRED all the likes there is

Iam J3 says:

This fireeee I could listen to this all day🥶🥵

Jackie Hooper says:

You up next real shit

Jackie Hooper says:

You hard af bra why you ain’t blow up yet

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