MORE Rappers React To 6IX9INE – GOOBA & Instagram Live (50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Future)

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With the whole 6ix 9ine situation not slowing down, more and more rappers began to break the silence on their opinions on the rappers snitching and his recent music.

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Metalli Tool says:

LMBO!!! Snoop couldn't fight his way outta wet paper bag! 🤣🤣🤣

Hector Ruiz says:

Burn the bridge

KrayJack20 says:

1000th comment!! I win!! Lol!!

Dub Specialist Sound says:

Dem all fuckin internet bitchs fuckin lot of dem nowadays , bring back real hip-hop…

brian carpenier says:

all these rappers are clowns

JustMeandMyWife says:

Y'all be dissing 69 but y'all still talking about him and you still listen to his music

mr. Supreme says:

Another Knigge is the king of New York the king of New York and Lil Tjay he will never be the king looking will always be Kendrick Lamar

Billy Bobb says:

Why hasn’t snoop dog denied the paper work??? 😏

Billy Bobb says:

Is it true meek mill cried in court and told the court I am not a gangster???

WR 1279 says:

I don't even know why some people are hypocrites like Snoop Dogg Snoop Dogg knows he was an informant to LAPD that's why when he got popped and bus all the time we always got let go come on man Fitness Nation on the streets 2 for a long time give real

westside i.g. gang bang kiddkidd says:

6-9 Gotti morphing into rat👍

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