Mother Teresa vs Sigmund Freud. Epic Rap Battles of History – Reaction

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Filip Vadas says:

Freud's bars actually hit even harder when you know all the dark history behind Mother Teresa

His "magic water" and "watch people die" lines are a reference to how Mother Teresa baptized people against their will and allowed the sick to go for long periods without treatment, cause she believed suffering brings you closer to God

His "project pimp the projects" and hiding people's money is a reference to how there was evidence to suggest that not only was she laundring money gor actual mob bosses, but much of the money from her donations is STILL missing.

(Keep in mind that whether these accusations are actually true or not is still unknown , cause right before she died Mother Teresa had 90% of her journals burned)

And of course we have his final line of him basically turning the whole battle into a therapy session for her hysteria

Drexel 42 says:

Read "the missionary position" by Christopher hitches

AsianTikTok Experience (iChan) says:

Did… did i just hear him say "Mother Chorizo" ?

Cursed Paladin says:

I want you guys to know this since i didn't for months. That's not makeup, she's actually a grandma, out there fucking slaying it on the mic. Legendary woman right there.

Wences Acosta says:

Ok I am drunk and late but I am high key here for this reaction

Spitfirethedragon says:

Mother Teresa gave Freud a bunch of upper cuts besides the cocaine refernece. She got him on the mother and son sex complex to the his masterbastion which was off the beat meaning his theories are a bunch of BS. Freud was just pure Athiest that he would have said the stuff he said to Mother Teresa to everybody else including the Pope. He was not attacking Mother Teresa. He is attacking all Religions.

Jake And says:

The mom-sex-complex line was good, Freud was absolutely OBSESSED with having sex with his mother. To the point he was adamant that all men's underlying mental health issues was a desire they had to have sex with their mother. The mad tolerance to cocaine line was fire too, guy did insane amounts of the stuff.

SCP-6440 says:

You completely missed sigmunds first bar. a chastity vow is a promise a nun makes to god to never have sex. he is basically saying it's unnesesary and superfluous since nobody wants to sleep with her

Ian Lovett says:


MJ Droz says:

Munfu, I really like your reactions, if I can make one suggestion. It would be too for you to watch the video all the way through and its entirety first, and then go through it a second time and break down the lines. It seems like the context of the entire thing would be important. Keep it up Bro! New Sub here!

FighterCK says:

Her chastity cos is redundant bc no-one wants to have sex with her.

Kunal Chatterjee says:

MT destroyed Freud. She cooked him up! Simply due to the fact that all of Freud's lines about her were all proven to be false rumours spread about her so, nice funny and witty bars from him but ultimately empty lies made up by a man named Christopher Hitchens so they all pretty much fall flat.

But all that aside, her flow and her punches and double entendres about his theories demolished him. That DMV scheme was FIRE! She won the Nobel Peace prize while he got nominated 13 times and won 0 times. He was obsessed with little kids and how they want to bang their parents (according to him) and he ripped off the names of those syndromes (Oedipus/Electra Complex, etc) from Greek Mythologies that existed way before his time and called them his own. There is one line that wasn't conveniently put here about him. If she had said this in the battle, it would be an instant KO. It has to do with one of his most famous quotes: "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". His theory was that people who smoke , secretly want to suck dick and because they are too ashamed of their desire, replicate that by smoking cigars, cigarettes, etc… So, an interviewer had asked him why he smoked cigars if he believed that… and that line was his response LOL! That line was conveniently not added in the battle otherwise it would have been game over for him.

Honestly, the guy disses himself….MT didn't have to step in and crush him, but she did anyway hahah!

Marvalyn Dobson says:

Freud hit hard but y'all miss some of the stuff Teresa saying. Like the pun "you want the second coming" refers to sexual context and religious.

clarkb2697 says:

Idk Sigmund kinda burned one of his earlier lines.
I notice you talk a lot about yourself.
Let's talk about my favorite subject me!

RalfsStuff says:

Why doesn't anyone get the "you must be super-ego tripping" line?
Or are they ignoring it as just a setup fpr a later punchline?

Also the "your chestity vow, redundant." implies that noone wants to have sex with her anyway.

SCP-6440 says:

Bro you don't know what a chastity vow is. You didn't get the bar

El Bruce says:

The bars are pretty even, but I give it to Theresa on energy.

Joel Pearson says:

When Mother Theresa was canonized, Christopher Hitchens represented the opposition, and refused payment for the job.

He represented the devil pro bono.

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