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NBA Youngboy – Decided (FULL MIXTAPE)

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New project from NBA Youngboy “Decided” featuring Trippie Redd available now on DatPiff!

NBA Youngboy – Sky Cry (00:00)
NBA Youngboy – Demon Seed (02:03)
NBA Youngboy – No Love (04:41)
NBA Youngboy – Black Cloud (08:33)
NBA Youngboy – Murda (feat. TRIPPIE REDD) (11:45)
NBA Youngboy – Top Down (14:53)
NBA Youngboy – Anomaly (17:07)
NBA Youngboy – Big 38 (19:27)
NBA Youngboy – No Mentions (22:07)
NBA Youngboy – 338 (25:51)
NBA Youngboy – Decieved Emotions (28:19)


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