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Nicki Minaj’s new album ‘Queen’ has arrived, and fans immediately took note of the project’s third song “Barbie Dreams.” Nicki delivers her own version of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Just Playing (Dreams),” the legendary rapper’s 1994 song where he rapped about all the R&B singers he wanted to have sex with. Lil’ Kim famously rehashed the idea on her 1996 ‘Hardcore’ track “Dreams,” as did 50 Cent on 1999’s “How to Rob.” This is actually the second time Nicki has remade Biggie’s song. Back in 2007, she tried her hand at the track on ‘Playtime is Over’s’ “Dreams.”

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l0lrat says:

"I ain't trying to bust it open in a trailer park", idk why I thought of Blac China when Nicki said that 😂

Briana Upshaw says:

Lil kim version trash

red hair homa says:

reminds me of a porn star:)

Amani Windon says:

Can u talk about the rest of the lyrics

Pink Floyd3 says:

Eminem dying to hit it

Fotini Tek says:

So you're not going to mention when she burned DJ Khaled? "ain't no fat n tellin me what he ain't eatin" he still must be burning! 😂

Karen Bolton says:

Why society is going to the dogs

Cuban Queens says:

Kim did it the best cause i listen to it all day but rip big

S H O O K says:

I can’t find this song anywhere smh…where can I find it??

Salisha Brizan says:

Niki and biggi is the best one

Brandon Smith says:

Bitch get a new job u just explained the obvious I could just listen to the track and find out who she dissed now I gata find another video that explained why she dissed them smh

Sami says:

Ninki minjaj

Clyde Holani says:

Dream on barbz she will always be num2😂

Aissato says:

The people she really dissed are the ones who aren’t mentioned 😂🤷🏽‍♀️

Becca McFadden says:




Zaria Renee says:

she ain’t have to come for my man uzi like that tho 😕.

True Sig Connor says:

This is classic Hip Hop. Like throwback to Dr. Dre and P Diddy shit

Luyen Dinh Thinh says:

Kiarasinome is a fucking LIAR !

Spjuthinator says:

She is an L

Spjuthinator says:

She is lame, big L

Spjuthinator says:

Russ > Nicki

Humanity says:

If this was Nicki’s #1 song then damn😂 that’s sad. Nicki is a trash ass rapper lmao

E Jones says:

Listen to Lil Kim version

English Bulldog says:

She didn’t diss Eminem. She knows better

Eden Trevino says:

Thiccy nicki

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